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agement) managed goat grazing for invasives and fire mitigation throughout ... at the UC San Diego, focusing on bee communica- ... Advancing the solution with.
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Bringing together science, policy, and advocacy to Johnny Gonzales, ELM (Environmental Land Man- protect people and the environment with the adoption agement) managed goat grazing for invasives and of resilient organic practices. Defining the pesticide probfire mitigation throughout Southern California. lem and the latest science. Advancing the solution with Scott P. Carroll, PhD. biologist, Institute for Conpractical tools for change.

temporary Evolution, UC Davis, conservation biology in understanding invasive plant management. Tyrone Hayes, PhD, professor of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley, and groundbreaking researcher on endocrine disruptors. Meg Sears, PhD, an Ottawa-based scientist, and Chair of Prevent Cancer Now. Environmental Health James Neih, PhD, professor of Biological Sciences Organic Land Management at the UC San Diego, focusing on bee communica Pollinator Protection tion, cognition, and health, as well as the effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on honey bee behavior. Managing Invasives Chip Osborne, president, Osborne Organics, Local Action organic turfgrass and landscape expert, successfully Protecting Waterways implements organic land management nationwide. John Bohert and Scott Eldredge, Eldredge Lumber and Hardware, converting ACE hardware store to organic compatible products. Warren Porter, PhD, professor of Zoology and FEATURED SPEAKER Environmental Toxicology at the University of Wisconsin Madison (WI), researching pesticides and Carey Gillam, genetically engineered organisms. investigative reportRoutt Reigart, MD, professor emeritus of Pediater and author of rics, Medical University of South Carolina, nation’s Whitewash: The Story top pediatric expert on pesticides, author of Recogof a Weed Killer, nition and Management of Pesticide Poisoning. Bruce Blumberg, PhD, professor of DevelopmenCancer, and the tal and Cell Biology, UC Irvine’s School of Biological Corruption of Sciences, studying epigenetic pesticide effects. Science. The story Dean Baker, MD, MPH, former director, Center of Monsanto and the for Occupational and Environmental Health and marketing of Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology, and Public Health, UC Irvine. glyphosate Caroline Cox, research director, Center for Envi(Roundup). ronmental Health, tracking pesticide science and law. Kim Konte, board member, Non Toxic Irvine, REGISTER TODAY spearheading Irvine ordinance transitioning city to General Admission: $80* Student Rate: $25 organic land management. Business Rate: $175 Scholarships Available! Jay Feldman, executive director, Beyond Pesti*rates include meals and drinks. *Early Bird ($75) rate until 3/15/18 cides, supporting advocacy for federal, state, and local policies and practices. City of Irvine officials transitioning the city to Learn more and register at:, organic land management. call 202-543-5450, or inquire at [email protected]