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Consumer Protection: A Top Priority

Dynamic Human Resources

TRA Wins Employer of the Year in MENA

TRA PULSE Issue: 08 | July 2016

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Issue: 08 | July 2016




Newsfeed: TRA Issues Decisions on Retail Markets’ Reviews


Events & Exhibition: Internet Safety Workshop held for various stakeholders


Interview: Dynamic Human Resources

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04 Cover story: TRA Wins Employer of the Year in MENA Awards & Recognition: Ahlia University Internship Program

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MESSAGE We are delighted to announce our success in winning the MENA HR Excellence Award of “Employer of the Year –Public Sector”, displaying the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority’s commitment to supporting employees at all levels. TRA’s HR Director, Faisal Al Jalahma, Director of Finance, Information Technology and Human Resources further elaborates on the revamped HR strategy that led to this success. TRA hopes to continue creating a sustainable business culture and enforce practices that are recognized regionally and internationally. We’re also happy to share that TRA’s consumer support helpline has continued to improve from the same time last year, with results outperforming in almost every facet. TRA has been working very hard on initiatives that enhance the services and operations of communication with consumers. TRA continues to raise awareness on the subject of internet safety, most recently by sharing results from the National Internet Safety Review with stakeholders. Many thanks to all those who’ve contributed in the 8th issue of the TRA Newsletter, we wish all our staff the very best.

Mohamed Hamad Bubashait General Director 03 TRA Newsletter July 2016

NEWSFEED CONSUMER PROTECTION: A TOP PRIORITY A Public Consultation Paper on Consumer Protection Regulation was issued by the TRA recently to further enhance coverage of consumer rights. The scope of the regulation will address misleading advertising, unfair contract terms, comparative advertising, billing, service quality levels, standard contract terms, and several other aspects. “The regulation is a proactive approach to increasing obligations to safeguard rights which the consumer will benefit from and should be aware of”, Ms. Taiba Albinali, TRA’s Acting Director of Consumer Affairs and Media said. “We believe that this will lead to a significantly improved consumer experience in the industry, and that people will have more peace of mind in using their telecom services.”

SECOND BOARD MEETING The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s (TRA) Board of Directors held their second meeting this year, at TRA’s headquarters in the Seef District. During the meeting, Board members discussed key issues related to the telecommunications sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain; expressing support and appreciation for the completion of the 4th National Telecommunications Plan and the Government’s approval of the plan praising TRA’s continuous cooperation with and support to the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications in developing the plan for the benefit of the sector in Bahrain.

NUMBER PORTABILITY REACHES RECORD SUCCESS In the 1st quarter of 2016, the Number Portability Platform recorded 16,644 successful Mobile lines porting requests, compared to 12,843 in 2015. Meanwhile, the successful porting requests for Fixed line numbers reached 542 compared to 429 in 2015. In total, 113,902 numbers in the telecom market were ported between telecom operators until the first quarter of 2016 with an average time taken to port of 28 minutes for Mobile lines and 6 hours and 24 minutes for fixed lines. The TRA has continuously supported and improv