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Facebook page management. Email marketing. Blogging pastoral care. Photographer. Project manager. Research. Statement Gatherer Other (please specify): ...
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TRC AND REACH VOLUNTEERS Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with Wabanaki REACH and the TRC. By completing this application, you are starting a mutual process to explore the best match between the organizations’ needs and your interests, time, and skills. Please ask questions any time as you complete this application or as we move forward with the application process. Volunteers must complete the questionnaire and participate in the Volunteer Orientation to be eligible to volunteer with the TRC and REACH. Some roles will require further training, and reference contact before being given an assignment to serve. Individuals wishing to be a part of the statement taking process will also meet with TRC’s Research Coordinator prior to engaging with the work. Name ____________________________________________ D.O.B.___________ Address: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Phone: ____________________Email: _______________________________________ Best time to call: _______________________ Times to avoid: ____________________ Website: (if applicable) ______________________________ Skills you are willing to share as a volunteer: please circle all that apply Teacher Public speaker Archiving Writer Therapist App Design/Code Writing Web design Graphic design Traditional Healing Cooking Community Organizing Copy Editing Workshop leader Youth worker Publicity Artist Singer/musician Event planning Filmmaker Fundraising Massage therapist Community Outreach Facebook page management Email marketing Blogging pastoral care Photographer Project manager Research Statement Gatherer Other (please specify): __________________________

Profession (if applicable): _____________________________________________ General and/or specific ideas you have about ways to volunteer with the TRC or REACH _______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Amount of time you would like to volunteer per week:_______ per month:______ Distance willing to travel: ________Challenges to traveling: ____________________ Connection to native culture _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ History with native culture ________________________________________________________________________ How did you learn about the truth and reconciliation process between Maine and the Wabanaki focused on child welfare? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Anything else you want to share about yourself: (why do you want to volunteer?) ________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Please list three references: 1.______________________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________Email:_____________________________________ 2.______________________________________________________________________ Phone:________________________Email:_____________________________________ 3.______________________________________________________________________ Phone:_______________________ Email:_____________________________________ Please scan and email or postal mail to: Arla Patch, REACH Community Engagement Coordinator 151 Cushman Hill Road, Bryant Pond, ME 04219 [email protected]

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