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July 20, 2017 [email protected]

Change Notification: Addition of New Real Estate Sector New Real Estate Sector to be Separated from the Financials Sector

In order to provide the latest information for the upcoming addition of the new Real Estate sector within the Global Industry Classification System (GICS®), Thomson Reuters Proprietary Research reports that utilize GICS® will begin presenting earnings growth estimates for the current Financials sector as well as the new Real Estate sector and Financials ex-Real Estate until the official change goes into effect after the market close on August 31, 2016. For more information on this change please refer to March 13, 2015 press release from S&P Dow Jones Indices and MSCI Inc.

Real Estate Sector Earnings Highlights •

Earnings expectations for the new Real Estate sector are different from the remaining companies in the Financials sector. Analyst estimates indicate that earnings growth for the new Real Estate sector is expected to significantly underperform that of the remaining companies in the Financials sector over three of the next four quarters.

Thomson Reuters Proprietary Research Earnings Reports Effected S&P 500 Earnings Scorecard

Data tables within the S&P 500 Earnings Scorecard will show the addition of the Real Estate sector and Financials ex-Real Estate sector. No changes will be made to the “Earnings Dashboard” exhibit until the official change on August 31, 2016. Link to report archives:

This Week In Earnings

Data tables within This Week In Earnings will show the addition of the Real Estate sector and Financials ex-Real Estate sector. Link to report archives:

Example of New Report Layouts

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