How to join OmniJoin group video call. TheInnerRevolution.Org ... conferencing platform from Brother: ... you can't get onto the conference at all after having tried ...
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Tutorial How to join OmniJoin group video call TheInnerRevolution.Org Internet videoconferences using OmniJoin

OmniJoin Overview • What is OmniJoin? A meeting and web video conferencing platform from Brother: http://www.brothercloud.com/OmniJoin/Default.aspx

• Read on to learn what you will need and how to join us.

What you will need • A desktop/laptop/netbook/ with a built-in or external webcam, microphone and speakers, or an iPad or iPhone with a built-in webcam, microphone and speaker. • An internet connection (preferably high-speed = greater than 4Mbps download and 1 Mbps Upload).

Getting started • In order to join our group video calls, just click on the following link 30 minutes prior to the event start time. In the case of the A Call to Consciousness Gathering, that time is 9:30 a.m. PST. • https://support.omnijoin.com/join?dn=UP4360 • This process will involve downloading a small applet onto your PC or an app to your iPhone or iPad to run the meeting interface. • If the link doesn’t work on one browser, try another (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer,)

Joining the Video Conference • The video and audio will come through on your computer or iPhone/iPad. • Once you join the conference, it should take you step by step through setting up your audio and video. If it doesn’t, or if you don’t understand that part, we can help you with that, which is why we are asking you to join 30 minutes early. • Please use Todd’s cell phone to text with him if you can’t get onto the conference at all after having tried more than one browser. That number is (760) 613-6761.

Using the Controls OmniJoin has a simple menu interface like Microsoft Word, with tabs across the top and buttons below to choose from various options.

Using the Controls • To mute your microphone, go to the Audio tab and click the box that says “Mute Microphone”

Using the Controls • To change who appears in the primary video spot, on the Layout tab, select “Composition” and choose the person’s name.

Other notes • We can mute you, but you will need to unmute yourself when you want to talk. So, please familiarize yourself with the audio tab. Make sure you mute your microphone, not your speakers. • If you have headphones, please wear them.

You’re on the call

Troubleshooting • If we can’t get the video or audio to work for you, or you’re not in a location with a computer, you can join by phone using the information below: Step 1 - Dial telephone number Toll Number: 6503057579 Step 2 - Dial conference code 472-0635-050#

Any questions? • Any questions, please contact Todd Benton at [email protected] or by calling (760) 731-4855. Thank you.