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My best friend, Esosa, took a sip of his drink, saying nothing. We were having ..... The Web hosting company is like a landlord on the internet. For your site to ...
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“I’m going to write a book about how to set up an online business”, I said as I sipped that can of Smirnoff Ice. My best friend, Esosa, took a sip of his drink, saying nothing. We were having another session of our usual business-heads discussions, and I just shared what I thought would be a great idea. That was a month ago. It was 2 weeks later before I finally got around to doing it. This book is not perfect. My website is not perfect. I haven’t signed out of my housemanship. I’m at a crossroads, I have to decide between chasing my dreams and playing it safe. I choose to defy the odds, and do what they said I can’t.

“And having a fine disregard for the rules, he picked up the ball and ran…”

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It starts with an idea… and ends with action. How to come up with an online business idea. Fewer requirements… so What’s really holding you back? Welcome to the Process Getting your domain name Getting your hosting Setting up your website Promoting your business Getting your first client

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” –George Patton

“Vision without execution is just hallucination” -​ Henry Ford

It starts with an idea… and ends with action

“To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.” -

Steve Jobs

Okay. Yes, I know. There’s no introductory chapter to this book. That is deliberate. The fact of the matter is if you’re reading this book, you aren’t looking for an introduction. You’re reading this because you’ve dreamt about starting an online business for quite some time now, and maybe you’ve even tried to start one but you got stuck somewhere. Then you tried again, and got stuck… again and again. And you’d like that to stop ASAP. They say, “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. And I don’t know a more desperate time than this time of change. Maybe you’re unemployed. Which means no money. No tata for yan-yan. Or you probably work for someone else. You go through hell for a month or more, in anticipation of that day when you “go get alert”, but that day seems like a mirage- it just keeps moving further and further into the future. I heard about a lady who worked free for a year hoping she’ll get paid but then just as the year came to a close, that company went bankrupt and closed down. I mean.. what the hell? Oh, and then sometimes payday comes but the money is usually already spent before it arrives because you had to pay for this or that thing and you borrowed money to do it.

You then go broke again and repeat the same cycle while letting your idea for an online business die a slow death in the dark recesses of your mind. Enough is enough. Say it with me now (Yes, you): ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This book is here to solve that problem. It’s here to show you exactly what to do at each step to set up your online business and to start earning money for yourself instead of waiting for that end of the month when salary go enter. But first, you may have an idea already. You talk about it a lot. You tell your friends about it and they give you props so in your small mind, you feel great that you have this great idea that is going to be successful. Oga. Madam. Bet why? The fact of the matter is, an idea in your mind is worth 50 in the bush. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Every millisecond, somebody somewhere in this world is farting out an idea. Ideas are all well and good but they are a figment of your imagination till you do something about it. Ideas are worth nothing till you take action. Take, for example, this book you’re reading. It was an idea, but you won’t be reading it if I had not taken action and wrote the damn thing. Yes, I know. I know. You’re waiting for the right time. The perfect moment. NEWS FLASH: “Just like the idea you haven’t done anything about yet, the perfect moment or the right time is a figment of your own imagination.”

The right time