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graphics card was a dirty grey colour, and looked like a fuzzy ...... to its name, giving it an extra vector into our hearts. The track is still your ...... Scarlett Illustration by Warren Louw. Scarlett Q&A ...... IN THIS TUTORIAL, WE'LL focus on the visual side of modding ..... EPUB, DOC, Adobe Digital Editions for DRM. Specifications.
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12 Birthday Issue: April 2010

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APRIL 2010

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StarCraft II We’ve got your Zerg right here.


Blur We shipped Geoff off to Liverpool for a few days so he could check out Bizarre Creations’ Blur. He’s not come back yet. We suspect zombies. Or Hitler.


God of War III Q&A We love God of War III. Game director on God of War III, Stig Asmussen, loves God of War III. We loved talking to Mr Asmussen about God of War III. We hope you love reading our God of War III Q&A.


NVIDIA GF100: Reinventing the GPU NVIDIA’s next generation of GPUs is coming. Act accordingly.

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Halo: Reach UFC Undisputed 2010 Kane & Lynch: Dog Days Metro 2033 Lost Planet 2 Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic Split/Second: Velocity Super Street Fighter IV

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Bounty Arms | Flotilla | M.U.D. TV | Puzzle Chronicles | Supreme Commander 2 [Needs STEAM]

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Reviews: Introduction Short Reviews: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition | The Sims 3: Ambitions God of War III BioShock 2 Aliens vs. Predator Heavy Rain Dante’s Inferno Vancouver 2010 Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Star Trek Online Anno 1404 Venice

ATI Catalyst Drivers 10.2 | NVIDIA Forceware 196.75 WHQL [PS3] [360] [PC] [PS3] [360] [PC] [360] [PC] [PC]

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Tech News Dream Machine Tech Q & A Lazy Gamers Guide: BlackBerry App World Hardwired Life, Hardware and [email protected] DIY: Hands-on with Dremel – Part 2 HP TouchSmart IQ540uk Desktop PC Buffalo DriveStation USB 3.0 HD-HXU3 Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB AMD Athlon II X3 425 KINGMAX Hercules DDR3 2200 Eurocom W870CU Cheetah Elonex E-Book Reader Sony Ericsson Aino Software Review: AVG Gaming Protection

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Including 6 ScrewAttack Videos

Heard at the NAG office this month... Come guys, we need some bush to hide the beaver!


Happy rainbows and love

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It was suggested to me (about five minutes ago) that I make this Ed’s Note very positive. Rainbows are great. You see, it’s our 12th birthday issue and birthdays are supposed to be all about the happy times (unless you’re pushing 70 of course). Teddy Bears are happy in the forest of love. So, with this in mind I will be positive about everything here and see how it goes. Love and joy are good.

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A few years back I remember not having anything important to say on this page. Perhaps I had been doing it for too long, or I really didn’t have anything important to say, or I was just tired on that particular day (each month) – who knows. The thing with this kind of page in a magazine is that you have to say something. The rules of the world dictate that saying nothing is not allowed. If you really don’t have anything worth