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The dangers of hype

t was interesting to watch how Far Cry not only captured the hearts and minds of gamers around the world but also managed to impress the legions of zestless gaming hacks. The real question that needs to be asked now after all the hype and excitement - was Far Cry really that good or did it just have impeccable timing, arriving at a point when gamers [hardcore to serious] have lost faith and more than a little patience with developers and their endless delays, arrogance and apathetic "when it's done" attitude? You can't really blame the press for hounding the developers for more tidbits and you can't blame the gamers for getting excited about the next big thing. If games like Max Payne and Far Cry can be hyped for only a few months, or at worst, a year and a bit before release then HalfLife 2 and DOOM 3 have no excuse. If you also rule out the developers who are more interested in making the game and getting it finished than talking about it [there are exceptions] then I expect the blame can be levelled at the publishers who have overly eager PR departments who think it's okay to build an entire 6 page article around 3 pieces of artwork and a 5 question Q&A. Bitching aside it's really satisfying to see the early hyping and overselling backfire, something that's been happening more and more the bigger computer and console gaming grows and the smaller the global village becomes. The result… Now what's happening is a unique situation where underdog development companies with low or nonexistent advertising budgets are just getting on with making great games and releasing them without years of fanfare. The point: delays cultivate apathy and what has now happened is that the endless release delays plaguing Half-Life 2 and DOOM 3, over hype and general di