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notebook sales. Incredible. Connection said they sold more notebooks than desktops in the last while. Now, if you take other regions excluding South Africa, ...... info on the Grand Final in France go to www.esworldcup.com. WarCraft III. 1) nf-sWoop. 2) nf-Zick. 3) nf-Juvenile. 4). MoD-TreNd. 5) nf-Cavalier. 6). BB-Sage. 7).
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Sophistication and the lost processor of doom

t came as a revelation, a profound moment I'll not easily forget [like the time I realised all computer games are just made up of millions of tiny dots - just zoom in really close and you'll see what I mean], anyway back to my moment. I finally figured out what gets me up in the morning - simplicity. I love Painkiller, Far Cry and Unreal Tournament 2004 because they are easy to play [except for remembering which key combos in UT2K4 activate which adrenaline power-up]. The best example is Painkiller, here's a game where you dodge enemies, kill enemies and work your way through the linear levels and, bless the developers, collect gold coins. This is simple gaming at its best. These days I tend to steer clear of the complexities of games like Splinter Cell and even worse, Deus Ex. Can you believe how much equipment you have to manage in that game and how many different things you can do to a door knob? Even simulators are getting a little too clever for their own good; there were just too many things to do in X2: The Threat for me to enjoy the simple pleasures of climbing into my spaceship and smacking tar and laying feather across the galaxy - what ever happened to good old fashioned Quake in space [Wing Commander]? Chris Taylor had it right when he presented his revolutionary vision for Dungeon Siege at an E3 Expo a few years back - keep it simple, have a button that you can press that tells your hero to collect all the items on the ground, make a game that let's players buy a mule to cart all that crap around. In Diablo I used the Town Portal spell so much my hero started looking a little sea sick. With all the rigours and aggravation of everyday life all I expect from a game is a little simple fun. It's so bad these days that I'm at risk of having an anxiety attack when a game presents me with a fork in the pathway, all I want in my underground bunkers are bad guy grunts, lava, exploding barrels or crates and plenty of w