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This is true, but in some cases [Halo] it would have been ...... III, UT2003, Halo Combat Evolved, Call of Duty ..... RAM is available to your OS it does make for ...
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An itch you can't ignore…


ecause I have no real clue about what's really happening in the gaming industry, I usually keep this part of the magazine as vague and irreverent as possible. You know how it is - we all have our little faults that need covering up. This issue is special however because it's our birthday issue so I can focus on describing what we've been up to instead of straining out something intelligent.

New look [again] Yes, we've changed the magazine again - finally. I was really getting tired of looking at that old design - I can be honest and say that it sucked. For those of you who are about to start complaining remember that in life the only constant is change (I think I saw this on a poster somewhere). But I really like to think of it in this way, 'Things do not change, we change.' - Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862), Walden (1970). Essentially what this means is that the magazine you hold in your hands has never really changed (only your perception of it has) so if there's something you don't like just slap yourself and don't do it again. Naturally without a good team NAG is nothing, so I'd like to say that if everyone wasn't involved in the way they are you'd be looking at just another trashy rag trying to dishonestly attract readers with false promises and nasty lies. So this is me saying thank you to everyone who slaved over this issue for days [and weeks] on end, you know that without you I'd be able to pay myself a much bigger salary and drive a better car - so thanks from the bottom of my heart! Things we've done and why 1. We've added an industry news section - here we discuss, report and take a look at the gaming industry in general and tell you what to think. We also interview people who are making a difference or not - you decide. Biggest challenge of bringing this section to life reducing noise levels in the recorded interviews and then transcribing them. 2. NAG is