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UK developer to get the honour, though: entrepreneur and. Argonaut founder Jez San has ..... the website or the IRC channel to secure your team's spot. For more information visit ...... Remember the whole comparing apples to pears analogy.
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One of the things that makes this job so much fun is that you never know what's going to happen next. One hour you're sitting at your desk trying to look busy and the next you're calling your travel agent about a trip overseas for some press function, product launch or otherwise interesting factory tour. One of these great unknowns of each issue is the cover of this magazine - because it's usually the last thing anyone thinks about. For example, the CD with the artwork for this month's cover arrived 2 whole days before this magazine went to the printer [thanks to Claire for pulling through again, can we send you Swiss chocolates and fine wine - serious]. Some magazine professionals might call this lack of planning irresponsible and they'd probably be right. But where's the fun in life if you have to plan everything a month in advance? Enjoy the feature on Battlefield 2 - this game is going to rock and roll so get yourself an ADSL connection and prepare for battle … or just go to page 38 and pretend your 56K modem is up to the task.

It really is a circus with bad clowns and a limp elephant ames suggested that I use this space to beat on about the fact that Electronic Arts is trying to buy the whole gaming industry and why that might be a bad thing. I mean, they can't possibly think that buying up all the competition is good for any system of commerce. What's next on the shopping list - Microsoft? They should rather go after Nintendo - maybe then we'd occasionally get a few games in for review. But we usually don't listen to James much and we're currently having a love affair with the idea of Battlefield 2. So instead I've decided to cover a whole pile of different topics and hope he doesn't notice. So hang on tight and remember to let go if you feel any burning or stinging. Before you send a mail Yes, we know. This month's cover CD isn't what you'd call stuffed to the gills with exciting demos and playable code. It is just the way things are this time of the year and not some evil conspiracy bent on ruining your life. We hunted, searched and grabbed all kinds of goodies here and there - the CD's not terrible, it just feels wrong that there's no big game demo on it. So wrong I felt compelled to say something here. No games Whi