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suppose you could have a list of publications you rely on to .... What we had were lists of games .... you should listen to when it comes to the DS is Nintendo itself.
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Here Kitty... No story this month - the cover on this magazine was planned at least a day in advance.

Get out of the kitchen…


s a rule I hate complaining - it never gets anything done, but I also make exceptions to most of my rules. Building the case: So people do a job because they are trained, some have learnt the art of their craft under the watchful guidance of a mentor, others simply have a knack and mostly everyone else is doing what they do because that's where they've ended up, and then there are some jobs any idiot can do… Refining the point: Bearing the above in mind, you certainly wouldn't find a situation where an air traffic controler asks the janitor to keep an eye on things while he pops out for a burger and Coke and you wouldn't find a neurosurgeon asking his patient to hold a tricky flap of skin out of the way while he was operating. Statement: There are some jobs that are best left to the professionals. Dramatisation: Unskilled personnel attempting these jobs might lead to serious mistakes occurring or in the case of a nuclear power plant more dire consequences for humanity. Save our souls. The point: I recently read an article in one of the largest SA newspapers about E3 - a lead up article and then a report back article and I was amazed and amused to see that the Xbox was due for an upgrade [?] and Snake Plissken [from Escape from New York fame] will be starring in the next Metal Gear Solid game. Minor errors I know but the whole flavour of both the articles was incorrect, focussing on the wrong things and painting a slanted picture about the biggest entertainment expo in the world. Annoying! Or am I being bitchy? NAG always has and always will be in favour of games, in all forms, enjoying more attention from the mainstream media, but for pity sake get the facts straight [and I'm not talking polygon counts and fill rates either]. Try talking about how real the game looks and how the charac