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tings and - working wonders for the overall ambiance - lighting effects have ... ting in and out of various places with a minimum of violence and disturbance.
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Yannis Mallat Interview Into the Pixel Lazy Gamer’s Guide: the NAG DOOM3 kit PCI Express

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Hardcor3 Roundup - VGA Elsa Falcox 980XT Planet ADSL Wireless Modem Router PixelView GeForce FX5900 Golden Limited Edition Thermaltake Polo 12 Kit Rogev MagicCard KuroKawa SPT868 2.1 Chanel Speaker Set Gigabyte 802.11b USB Stick Vantec USB Go2.0 Iomega External USB 2.0 CD-RW/DVD-ROM Plexuscom MP100 Thermaltake Xpeaker Thermaltake Silent Tower CPU cooler


50 Win a PC worth R20 000 108 DOOM Collector’s Edition


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Doomed to be great


ome industry insight - if you're interested… If not, laugh at the caption of the month and then enter the killer DOOM 3 competition on pages 50 & 51. A few weeks ago this magazine looked a little different - there was no sign of DOOM 3 anywhere, except our rather clever Survival Guide. Then something happened out there in the world of game publishers, developers, distributors and retailers. Someone high up somewhere dropped the release date for DOOM 3 - it was early and unexpected. In case you're thinking, "I've heard that one before… like how many years ago? When it's done my large hairy butt it is". You'd be wrong. id Software, Activision and everyone else are deadly serious. [Holding thumbs]. But back to my insight - not too long after the date was announced I was invited to a few inconvenient meetings right in the middle of my deadline schedule after about 6 seconds of arguing and protesting I caught wind of what the meeting might be about and, needless to say, powered down my gas chair and hit the highway. The result… a number of adverts and a cracker competition all put together in the eleventh hour exciting news I'm sure you'll agree. By the time you read this page you'll only have about 2 weeks to wait until you can go down to your local game stockist to find out it's already sold out… Now for the point - this is purely speculative so don't quote me here. Why do you think that id Software and Activision decide to sweep away all the marketing plans, teaser campaigns, special promotions and so on to release the game so suddenly into the market? This is the question. I have some ideas. Perhaps they found out when Half-Life 2 was going live and decided to scrap t