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Zero line-up is now Deathsbane, Davio, Kurandus, Axion, and. Fero. Deathsbane ...... Interface needs work | No remote on the headphone cable. Plus: Minus:.
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ed’s note Dark, dank and full of babes Dungeon Siege II - this cover and subsequent article arrived just in the nick of time. Lucky for us because we didn't really have any kind of back-up plan other than lets do a collage of all the game characters in the December issue and add some lame happy Xmas line underneath. So, that's the whole story, the only interesting thing that has now become painfully apparent is that we run this magazine in much the same way as clowns would. Anyway go to page 32 and read the exclusive interview we did with Kevin Lambert, Lead Designer for Dungeon Siege 2. This interview is an important landmark because it's the first time we've successfully recorded an entire conversation on the telephone using nothing more than a computer. Scary I know…

Enough t's already December and as I type this line of text I'm wondering where the whole year went. In this industry every time you look up from your monitor another month has disappeared; it's the deadlines you see and the fact that this industry has an annoying habit of changing on a daily basis, companies come and go, new games are announced and then cancelled and I'm not even going to start on hardware. But I'm not complaining, it's great and I really don't think any of us here would prefer to survive in any other kind of environment. It's traditional I expect to look back on the year and pass a few insightful comments and then daringly make a few predications for 2005. So here goes, and remember this is all just guess work. 2004 If the growth of NAG is anything to go by then 2004 represents the largest leap forward for the gaming industry in this country over the last few years. There are also more games than ever before - we've gone from lavish 2-3 page reviews on most game