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Jun 30, 2014 - 11.06.2014, gave mostly positive feedback on the progress compared to previous visit. ➢ HEALTH: MoH mobile clinic came once; many IDPs ...
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Monthly Record of Information from DRC program locations in Rakhine State



1 -30 June 2014

by Friday 11 July  PROTECTION: Regular activities ongoing; no updates.  NUTRITION: Regular activities ongoing; no updates.  CHILD PROTECTION: Regular activities ongoing; no updates. 18 - Sin Tet Maw Village (estimated 3,700 residents) o

No updates.

19 - Ah Htet Ywar Village 

PROTECTION: Completed delivery of solar equipment for all households, as part of Community Protection Assistance.

20 - Baw Da Li Village (estimated 900 residents) 

No updates.

21 - Ah Nauk Ywe IDP Camp (estimated 3,900 residents)



 PROTECTION: Unresolved problems related to IDPs demands to change all current camp-based INGO staff, rotate all jobs among individuals selected by the Camp Committee, and share salaries with the poorest families. IDPs do not allow any SI WASH activities, threatening mass disturbances and murder of unspecified individuals. INGOs met with IDP representatives, including once with the Township Administrator, but IDPs insisted on their ultimatum and rejected any alternatives or compromise.  CAMP MANAGEMENT / SHELTER: No update re: shortage of shelter as approx. 223 IDPs arrived from Sittwe camps and currently staying with friends and family.  Many of shelters reportedly with damaged floors and roofs, making it very difficult to stay inside at night during the heavy rains.  IDPs report that the walkways are dangerous for children as too muddy and slippery during the rainy season. IDPs would prefer all walkways to be of the same design as the ones in front of latrines.  WASH: All WASH activities by SI are suspended due to obstruction by the IDP Camp Management Committee. See more details under PROTECTION above. HEALTH: MoH mobile clinic, accompanied by the police, came once. IDPs reported insufficient medicine and lack of trust towards Govt medical workers.  Increase in diarrhoea cases reported: according to some report , over 300, of whom around 200 reportedly children