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Apr 26, 2017 - Following in that tradition our Church runs Ignite 5.14, whose name comes from the .... in to the national grid and providing us with an income.
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St Martin’s Parochial Church Council (PCC) has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent, the Reverend Raphael Duckett, in promoting the ecclesiastical parish, the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. The PCC is also specifically responsible for the maintenance of the Church Centre complex of St Martin’s, Slater Street, Bradley. Growing in the Love of Jesus. St Martin’s is a vibrant family growing in the love of Jesus. Anchored in Biblical truth and inspired by the Holy Spirit, we are committed to celebrating and sharing the Good News of Jesus, reaching out and welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds. Using our mission action plan as a basis for our work, the PCC have focused on several areas this year including: Children and Young People Leadership Community Fellowship Pastoral Care Facilities Worship

Since the very creation of the Parish of St Martin’s in Bradley Children and Young People have been at the very heart of what we do. The fact that the Church School was built before the Church building shows how important they were to the mission of the Church. Following in that tradition our Church runs Ignite 5.14, whose name comes from the Bible verse above, and Sunshine Corner. Both groups work with Children and Young People from Bradley and share something of God’s love in Jesus for all who come. In addition is all the work we do as a congregation with our local Schools, the work in Loxdale, St Martin’s Church of England and Wilkinson Primary Schools. People serve as governors, going in to do assemblies, support the reading skills of children and are willing interviewees for lessons. We have always sought to work with others in our concerns and in 2016 we started sharing our building with Talent Match, a project aimed at 18-26 year olds, and Re-Entry a Charity who works with children at risk of being excluded from school. Both groups share our concern for working with children and young people and we are a blessing to them by giving them a safe, warm and useable building to work from. All our work whether with children and young people or with the many other groups we offer is aimed at sharing the love of Jesus we have received in practical action as well as in what we say. Our faith must lead to action, otherwise the faith we profess hasn’t changed us. During 2016 the Lord blessed us by allowing us to secure funding to replace the roof and make a few other alterations around the Church Centre, notably the finishing of the work to the lower hall. All these physical improvements mean that our Church Centre will continue to be a safe, warm and useable facility for us to minister to Bradley from for many more years to come. The Lord is generous and blesses us richly when we step out in faith and are willing to let our faith shine as a light in the world.

St. Martin’s had, as usual, a very busy year in 2016, with much work carried out in the service of the Lord, and significant improvements made to our church building. In January, the renovation of our low