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Feb 2, 2017 - The purpose of the Breakthrough-ACTION project is to increase the practice ... by USAID for the implementation of this project over the course.
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USAID - Breakthrough-ACTION Sponsor: US Agency for International Development (USAID) Program Title: Breakthrough-ACTION Maximum Award Amount:


JHU Nomination Limit: 1 For More Detailed Information: USAID Breakthrough-ACTION

Deadlines: Internal Deadline: February 2, 2017 Sponsor Deadline: March 3, 2017

Opportunity Summary The purpose of the Breakthrough-ACTION project is to increase the practice of priority health behaviors and enabling social norms, including gender norms, for improved health and development outcomes, with an emphasis on improving FP/RH, HIV/AIDS, MNCH, and malaria health outcomes. This purpose will be achieved through the integration of proven SBC interventions in health and development programs worldwide. Breakthrough-ACTION will closely coordinate with its sister project, Breakthrough-RESEARCH, to achieve this shared purpose through complementary efforts. Specifically: Breakthrough-RESEARCH will work to disseminate and advance research around SBC technical areas and interventions in which existing evidence is considered insufficient, while Breakthrough-ACTION will work to increase coverage of, and innovate based on, investments in SBC programming that already have significant evidence. Breakthrough-ACTION will build upon USAID investment in SBC research and programming, including both global and bilateral projects, to simultaneously guide new learning and drive broad application of proven practices and tools. It will engage a broad range of health and development stakeholders, supporting them in developing, promoting, and operationalizing a visionary, consensus-driven agenda for social and behavior change that contributes to measurable global health impact.

Eligibility & Requirements: 

Applicants must propose to contribute cost share from their own, private, or local sources no less than 10 percent of the amount of funds obligated by USAID for the implementation of this project over the course of the agreement. Specifically, such funds may be mobilized from the recipient; other multilateral, bilateral, and foundation donors; host governments; and local organizations, communities and private businesses that contribute financially and in-kind to the implementation of activities at the country level. Mobilization of funds from outside sources through cost share of project activities is highly encouraged. Please see the solicitation for further details on eligibility and requirements.

Internal Nomination Process: Interested applicants should send the following documents in sequence in one PDF to [email protected] no later than 4 p.m. on February 2, 2017: 1. JHU Limited Submission Cover Sheet 2. Abstract (one page, double-spaced) 3. Proposal (maximum of four pages of text only, single spaced: 12-pt font and one-inch margins) (Note: figures, tables, and other reference material may be included in addition to the 4 pg. text limit) 4. Curriculum Vitae of investigator, including current external research support and publications 5. Budget (two pages maximum) 6. Letter of Recommendation from the Department Chair/Director. Letters of Recommendation can be submitted separately to [email protected] stating the applicant’s name in the subject line. Each applicant should expect to receive a confirmation of receipt of their materials. Applicants not receiving an acknowledgement, or having any questions, should contact the team via [email protected]