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Designer. Illustrator. Head Hancho. PDF Guru. Manager. : Koo. : Zzo,. : Zune. : Ghitai. : Koo. : Don. Do you want to add hyperlinks and multimedia files into PDF?
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User Guide v.1.0

Add hyperlinks - go to page, open file, connect to web Embed multimedia audio and video files

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User Guide / Table of Contents

Table of Contents Add hyperlinks and embed multimedia audio and video files

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: Zune

All the features of Multimedia PDF Maker plus Knowledge Taps (Flash Card) feature

Head Hancho : Ghitai PDF Guru

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: Don

All the features of Interactive PDF Maker plus test and quiz features

Introduction of ezPDF Multimedia PDF Maker Feature Summary Program Structure Menu – File Menu – Edit Menu – View Menu – Help Toolbar Embed Multimedia Files Add Hyperlinks

User Guide / Structure


Main Menu Toolbar

Working Area

Status Bar

User Guide / Main Menu

Main Menu – File / Edit

FILE Open a PDF file Close working PDF file Save working PDF file Save as working PDF file List of most recent files (up to 5)

EDIT Delete selected object(s) Add multimedia file – Audio (MP3) or Video (MPEG4) Add Link to a specific page, file or web page Add Link on Text to a specific page, file or web page Align selected objects Match the dimension size of selected objects Match the space between selected objects

User Guide / Main Menu

Main Menu – View / Help

View Show / Hide Toolbar

Show / Hide Status Bar Go to First Page Go to Previous Page Go to Next Page Go to Last Page

Zoom In Zoom Out

Help About ezPDF Multimedia PDF Maker Register License

User Guide / Toolbar


Open Save


Go to first page Go to previous page Go to next page Go to last page

Select a page

Zoom Out

Type In page no.

Hand Tool

Select Create object text link Create link

Embed multimedia file

Select a zoom ratio

Zoom In

Align selected object boxes

Type In zoom ratio

Match space between selected object boxes

Match size of selected object box

User Guide / Embed Multimedia Files

FEATURE - Embed Multimedia Files 1. Select the multimedia icon

2. Draw a box where you want to position your audio and video.

Embed Multimedia

3. Select the multimedia file. 4. Change appearance and size if needed

Appearance Border Width : None / Thin / Medium / Thick Border Color : Poster Image

Multimedia File Area Size If “Change Size” is checked, then the drawn size is ignored and the set size values are used.

User Guide / Add Hyperlinks

FEATURE - Add Hyperlinks 1. Select Link Icon on non-text area or Select Text Link Icon on text area

2. Draw a box where you want to position a hyperlink.

Link Text Link

Link Options Go to a specific page

Open a local file Access a website Download a file

Appearance Border Width : Border Style : Solid / Dashed / Underlined Border Color : Highlight : None / Invert / Outline / Inset

User Guide / Link and Multimedia Sample


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