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Developers. Designer ... of a new mobile revolution, we can provide a pleasant mobile ... contents to alive interactively on mobile devices. experience using PDF ...
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Connected Learning Easy As Read, Respond, and Repeat

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User Guide / Table of Contents

Table of Contents Connected Learning Easy As Read, Respond, and Repeat

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Introduction of ezPDF CLEAR Feature Summary Link and Multimedia Sample Test Sample

User Guide / Introduction

Reading is a vital part of the learning process. With the advent of a new mobile revolution, we can provide a pleasant mobile reading experience using PDF technology as the electronic replica of books. Combined with touch and pen technology, reading is no longer limited to being just a book replacement. Unidocs has integrated new productivity tools that enhance our users' work or study environments within their devices - marking, writing, typing, drawing, and adding images. However, ezPDF CLEAR now adds one more new experience INTERACTIVITY! Solely mimicking books and notes are now a thing of the past. We agree that learning should be fun and responsive in order to attract the user's attention.

Our new approach allows passive PDF to come alive in action. Our authoring tool programs (currently available for PC only) can easily make a plain PDF file into ezPDF CLEAR contents – embedded audio and video files, flash cards, OX, True/False, multiple choices, and short answers can be entered and checked from the app. ezPDF CLEAR app magically turns these contents to alive interactively on mobile devices.

User Guide / Feature Summary

Use PDF files.

Interactivity features.

    

 Flash cards (show / hide) – Knowledge Taps  Multiple choice  True-False  O/X  Short Answers

Read Mark Type Write Draw

Automatically check answers from ezPDF CLEAR. Plays embedded audio and video files in PDF files. Use your PDF editor to embed audio and video files into PDF. Make sure the multimedia files are compatible with your device. We recommend to use MP3 for audio and MPEG4 for video format.

In order to make a quiz / test, you need our authoring tool. ezPDF Test Maker Self-study test authoring tool. Available for PC. Demo version is available at * Must download from a PC.

User Guide / Link and Multimedia Sample


Playing Embedded Multimedia

Go to a page Go to a specific page in PDF

Go To

Open a supported file Open a supported file, including other PDF Download and save to same folder

Play Embedded Audio File Simply tap the audio icon. ezPDF.mp3 Music by Jerry Lee [email protected] Full audio file : Play Embedded Video File Tap the video icon below.


Open a webpage You may link Youtube page

Web Link

Do you want to add links and multimedia files into PDF?

ezPDF Interactive PDF Maker $9.95 Easy to use PC utility program to add links, audio and video files to PDF. Contact [email protected]

User Guide / Test Sample

Multiple Choice Questions – Select an answer 1. Capital city of Norway? ① Paris ② Seoul ③ Oslo ④ Helsinki

2. 4 x (7 – 5) = ① 23 ②8 ③6 ④ 16

3. 395,234 ①> ②> ③= ④ ==

4. $3.74 + $2.97 = ① $3,742.97 ② $3.97 ③ $5.81 ④ $6.71

Short Answer – Fill in the blank 8. 946 – 879 = 9. How many hours and minutes in 173 minutes? 2 hours and