Using SEAD to Manage, Collaborate, Share, and Publish Data

Aug 9, 2016 - Page 1 ... Need a secure, web accessible place for your team's data. ◇ Are looking for ... or make your data public. If you… ... and add your own.
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Using  SEAD  to  Manage,  Collaborate, Share,  and  Publish  Data Anna  Ovchinnikova  ([email protected]) August  9,  2016      |        ICPSR  Summer  Program  Blalock  Lecture

Welcome  to  SEAD! SEAD  offers  Project  Spaces  and   Publication  Services  aimed  at: ® Physical  and  social  sciences   researchers ® Voluminous  and  heterogeneous   data ® Teams  working  collaboratively

SEAD  is  the  place  for  you! If  you… ® Need  a  secure,  web  accessible  place  for  your   team's  data ® Are  looking  for  an  easier  way  to  share,  publish,   or  make  your  data  public

SEAD  Project  Spaces:  like  Dropbox  but  better ® Secure,  branded  environment   that  you  control ® Invite  users  and  assign  roles ® View  auto-­‐extracted  metadata and  add  your  own ® Enable  public  access  to  individual   datasets ® Preserve  data  for  the  long  term

SEAD  Makes  it  Easy  to  Manage  Data ® Upload and  organize  data as  you  collect  them ® Move  files  from  one  folder  to   another;  from  one  dataset  to   another ® Annotate with  metadata  that   best  supports  your  project

Readily  Drop  Data  in  your  Project  Space

SEAD  Makes  Working  with  Data  Easier ® View  thumbnails  of  your  files ® Work  with  type-­‐specific   previews ® View  auto-­‐extracted   metadata

Create  Hierarchical Datasets  with  Folders

Collections:  Unlimited ways  to  bring  together   multiple  datasets  and  their  associated  files  

SEAD  Makes  it  Easy  to  Share Data ® Control  access  to  your  data ® Enable  public  access  to  datasets ® Archive data  in  a  repository  of  your  choice ® Publish  new  versions  of  data  over  time

Share  or  Copy  Datasets  to  Project  Spaces share


Allow  Public  Access  to  a  Dataset  or  an  Entire   Project  Space!

Set  Standards  in  Your  Project  Space! ® Add  your  branding ® Apply  formal  terms (default  -­‐ Dublin  Core®  terms)   ® Add  your  community  or  custom   vocabularies ® Attach  metadata  on  the  dataset   and/or  file  level

SEAD  Makes  it  Easy  to  Collaborate Add  a  Dataset  to  a  Project  Space  

Copy  Dataset  to  Project  Spaces  

SEAD  Streamlines  Publication  and  Archiving

SEAD  Creates  Worry-­‐free  Publication  Workflow

Cite  and  Direct  Viewers  to  Your  Publication

SEAD  Support  for  Data  Management  Plans ✔ Meet  institutional  and   grant  requirements  more   easily  by  including  SEAD   in  your  DMP

Explore  SEAD  Project  Spaces  Now! SEAD-­‐DATA.NET

Coming  Enhancements ® Bulk  operation  capabilities  (uploading,   deleting,  applying  metadata,  geotagging,   and  more) ® Relationships between  datasets ® Improved  display  of  data  and  metadata   ® Comment  alerts