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Valve Maintenance Preparing for the Plant Outage White Paper

V a l v e

M a i n t e n a n c e

Contents 1.0

Executive Summary


Walk Down Outage Area


Walk-Down Report / Outage Kick off Meeting Prep / Preliminary Work List Creation


Create Outage Team


Kick off Meeting


Pre-Outage Logistics Meeting


Ancillary Support / Logistics Items


Impact to Outage Timeline


Contract Personnel Access, Training, Safety, Equipment


Generate PO to Contractor for Parts and Personnel


Outage Event


As-found, As-repaired, As-left Description and Photo


Daily Summary Report from Contractor


Post-Outage Report / Plant Responsibilities


Valve Maintenance: Outage Evaluation – Was it Successful?

10.0 Optional Post Outage Closing Meeting 11.0 Conclusion

1.0 Executive Summary As production and utility plant areas prepare for

manner can help prioritize or de-prioritize the repair or

upcoming maintenance turnarounds (TAR), outages,

replacement of expensive valves during the outage over

and shut-downs, effective planning can save time and

the less expensive valves. This is especially important

curtail expenses associated with the testing, repair,

when considering budget constraints and criticality

and replacement of control valves within the plant’s


total valve population. Effective planning is also a key component to smoothly managing both internal maintenance employees and externally contracted technicians that will be performing the work. Manpower resources make up a large portion of the total expenses associated with the outage so organization becomes just as important as those planning processes.

Long before the planned outage date, Facility, Maintenance, and/or Reliability Engineering have usually established an estimated budget that is dedicated to the testing, removal, and repair or replacement of problem valves. But the outage budget may or may not fall within the overall maintenance budget for the fiscal year. This fact can sometimes limit funding for the

While outage employees will be required to document

outage project and associated valve work especially if

all valve repairs and their associated usage of parts

little to no “scope-creep” is planned for during the work

and equipment, plant facility employees will eventually

event. As unplanned valve related problems are found

be required to update all equipment maintenance

and identified, decisions have to be made quickly about

history records with that very repair and replacement

financing additional materials and resources required to

information. Documenting “as-left” conditions in a

resolve those problems. Making sure that some form of

post-outage report brings closure to the process and

cost-overrun allowance is planned for within the budget

highlights performance issues that are found, which need

can overt crisis management decisions.

to be addressed in the future.

Facilities, Maintenance, or Reliability Engineering along

In many cases, existing plant Preventive Maintenance

with an Operations representative usually begin the