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PMI continued to trend upwards, rising to its highest level of 2017. Evidence .... The CPD Certification Service recently assessed both our 'Introduction to Control Valves' ...... for project management, expediting, testing and inspection to ensure.
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SPRING 2018 | ISSUE 44

Bonomi’s New UK Actuation Centre BVAA’s Annual Review Inside

Imtex Controls on Shut Down Valve Condition Monitoring Page 28

Langley Alloys Invest In Stock Page 30

WSG... The Sum of The Parts Page 90

‘Agile Supply Chain Crucial to Capitalise on Market’ - ASL Page 94 SPRING 2018 | 1

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Make your business flow 11th International Valve Trade Fair & Conference

27 – 29 November

2018 Düsseldor f, Germany Supported by:

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Comment By BVAA Director Rob Bartlett

Lessons in Life!

Or alternatively - have faith!

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Cover: Bonomi’s New Actuation Centre Page 54-55

4 | SPRING 2018

The draughty and crumbling 300 year old farmhouse where I grew up owed its continued existence to a tie-rod – essentially a humongous nut, washer and bolt arrangement. You may have seen those ‘X’ shape pieces of metal on the exterior of twee country cottages? They actually prevent the walls from collapsing. Our rod worked, and ever since I’ve had faith in the humble yet positive nut-andbolt fixing. After much DIY experience, I’ve eventually developed a grudging trust in the taper anchor bolt variant too. So, when I got a new TV, I decided to wall mount it with anchor bolts in readiness for the England/Scotland 6 Nations game.* With my usual habit of excessivelyengineering solutions, I visited a national DIY chain store and invested heavily in a broad range of such rugged and reliable anchor bolts - some hefty M8 beasts. Plus a 14mm drill, spacers, and a bunch of other accoutrements. Thing is, technology has moved on. Modern house walls suffer from the nasty practice of ‘dot-and-dab’ plasterboarding. I soon discovered these heavyduty anchor bolts were no longer suitable for these new circumstances. They simply wouldn’t work properly, and could not bite sufficiently to settle my nerves. Cue ano