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social fields, with a view to stimulating public discussion on the performance of .... Analysis of existing datasets of nascent opportunity-driven entrepreneurs.
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Venturing Forth Increasing high value entrepreneurship Nida Broughton Kitty Ussher

Venturing Forth Increasing high value entrepreneurship

by Nida Broughton Kitty Ussher

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Introduction: The need for more high value entrepreneurship


Chapter 1: How entrepreneurship contributes to


economic growth Chapter 2: High value entrepreneurship in the UK


Chapter 3: Where are there missed opportunities to increase


high value entrepreneurship? Chapter 4: How does current Government policy address the barriers to high value entrepreneurship?


Chapter 5: What should be done?


Annex 1: Primary research methodology


Annex 2: Regression tables





ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This research and publication has been made possible by the generous support of EY, The Entrepreneurship Centre at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Nesta and Tech City. We would also like to thank Stephen Barclay for his support in sponsoring an initial review of entrepreneurship policy that provided the inspiration for this project. We would particularly like to thank Robert Allen, Liam Collins, Martin Cook, Chris Gorst, Louise Marston, Valerie Mocker, Fiona Reid, Katy Turner, and Stuart Watson for their valuable comments and contributions throughout the project. Attendees at our expert roundtable provided valuable insights and feedback on our emerging findings and policy recommendations. They included Saul Estrin, Graeme Fisher, Ruth Hobbs, Steve Jelley, Susanna Khavul, Gemma Peck and Keith Ruddle. Thanks are also due to entrepreneurs who took part in our roundtable discussion and employees who participated in focus groups. At the SMF, we would like to thank Emran Mian and Nigel Keohane for intellectual input throughout the project.



ABOUT THE AUTHORS NIDA BROUGHTON Nida Broughton is Chief Economist at the SMF, where she has led research on business