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Views from UK energy professionals


Energy Barometer 2015

Table of contents Foreword from the Chief Executive 4 Presidential remarks 5 Executive summary 6 Introduction 7 Ten key messages from energy professionals 8 –11 Policy continuity 12 –19 Investment and innovation 20 – 23 Copyright © 2015 by the Energy Institute, London. The Energy Institute is a professional membership body incorporated by Royal Charter 2003. Registered charity number 1097899, England All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced by any means, or transmitted or translated into a machine language without the written permission of the publisher. ISSN 2059-3821 (Print) ISSN 2059-383X (Online) Published by the Energy Institute The information contained in this publication is provided for general information purposes only. Whilst the Energy Institute and the contributors have applied reasonable care in developing this publication, no representations or warranties, express or implied, are made by the Energy Institute or any of the contributors concerning the applicability, suitability, accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein and the Energy Institute and the contributors accept no responsibility whatsoever for the use of this information. Neither  the Energy Institute nor any of the contributors shall be liable in any way for any liability, loss, cost or damage incurred as a result of the receipt or use of the information contained herein.

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Energy Barometer 2015

Energy Barometer 2015

Foreword from the Chief Executive

Louise Kingham OBE FEI

For over a century, the Energy Institute (EI) has developed and shared knowledge, skills and good practice towards a safe, secure, affordable and sustainable energy system. As the professional membership body for the energy sector, we support over 21,000 individuals working in, or studying, energy in over 100 countries. Our members hold a wealth of expertise and experience, and the EI has a responsibility to use this to enhance understanding of energy issues. To both fulfil this responsibility and share our members’ knowledge for the public benefit, the EI has launched the Energy Barometer. This aims to voice the views and insights of energy professionals, helping them to inform the energy debate. It also demonstrates the value of their knowledge and expertise to governments, influencers, the industry, and the public. With a primary focus on the UK energy system, the Energy Barometer will be produced annually from surveys of our membership, covering both topical issues and regular subjects for year-on-year comparison. The surveys will be conducted among our newly formed EI College, a group representing professional EI members. Members of the EI College have been asked for their views on the UK energy system, and their perception of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. By capturing these views, it is our aim to provide a conduit to the knowledge of those at the heart of the industry, the energy professionals.


Presidential remarks It is my sincere hope that the Energy Barometer can become a tool for all those involved in shaping our energy system. I invite all those with a responsibility for, and interest in, energy to consider these expert insights and talk to us about how, together, we can make the most of this resource.

Louise Kingham OBE FEI Chief Executive, Energy Institute

Professor Jim Skea CBE FRSA FEI

The EI’s membership is at the heart of the Energy Barometer initiative. We have assembled a College of 850 professionals and graduates to represent this membership. I am extremely grateful to those who have agreed to take part for their generosity in sharing both their time and knowledge. To form the EI College, individuals were invited from across the profes