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eThuto Issue No. 4

September 2012

Virtual Training Courses Commonly asked questions about VTC Q: How do I access VTC? A: To access VTC go to http://, Here you will be able to see a variety of courses offered on VTC to choose from. Q: Can I register for the courses on my own? A: Yes you can actually register yourself on any course as VTC is connected to LDAP. This means that you can use your standard username and password.

Virtual Training Courses (VTC) is a collection of over 900 training tutorials that offer users at Wits an easy and convenient opportunity to learn new software skills from their desk while working at their own pace. The tutorials available on VTC are suited to both beginners and professionals. To use and access VTC, ensure your computer has a soundcard and speakers, is linked to the intranet and a VTC user account. VTC was introduced at Wits around 2004 by CLTD. eLSI inherited the VTC package In 2010 and now offers the service at no charge to all interested staff members and students. At present, use of VTC is low with 207 students registered and 194 staff members attending tutorials. With the integration of this service in Wits authentication protocols, we are hoping that uptake of the service will increase, otherwise eLSI may have to reconsider this service.

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Derek’s Bookmarks Derek and his iPad are rarely parted. Below are 3 apps he uses to gather, organize and manage online resources. Zite - A personalized magazine for iPhone and iPad that gets smarter as you use it. Pearltrees - A place to collect, organize, discover and share everything you like on the web. Mendeley - Easily organize your papers, read & annotate your PDFs, collaborate in private or open groups, and securely access your research from everywhere


Q: How do I view lessons on VTC? A: To view lessons on VTC, hover your mouse over a topic of your choice a drop down menu will appear where you will be able to view lessons. Q: How much does it cost to do a course on VTC? A: You do not have to pay for the courses on VTC but if you want accreditation, you will have to write an external exams and there is a fee for that service Contact: [email protected] or speak to Antoinette Malgas for further details

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