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CALL. 800.392.4287 [email protected] EMAIL. Alternative Utility Services ... terms and conditions surrounding utility tariffs and provider contracts can.
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Utilities and Providers Make Mistakes e v a h t ’ n o d U YO ay for them to p Alternative Utility Services, Inc.

Bill Auditing and Rate/Tariff Analysis Service

6-10% of Utility Bills Contain Errors Stop paying for unnecessary, avoidable and redundant charges and take control over your utility management.

Is your account on the right rate and tariff? Don’t understand your utility bills enough to know?

You’re not alone. The rules, regulations, terms and conditions surrounding utility tariffs and provider contracts can be overwhelming. The time and resources necessary to stay on top of every aspect of your utility accounts can really impact your organization’s operations, costing you money.

Experience Counts

With over two decades of experience in the energy industry in almost every deregulated market, AUS has seen it all. Through our established network of regulatory and utility contacts, we are able to expedite the investigation and refund process, putting money back in your pocket - fast.

Currently with an Alternative Provider? We oversee provider billing to: Guarantee contract compliance by assessing current rates, terms and products to make sure they coincide with what was agreed upon Compare utility and provider invoices to avoid redundancy in billing Inspect utility charges for accuracy in providerconsolidated billing

How much will this cost you?

You pay nothing for the audit. Our services are delivered on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay when we deliver results in the form of recovered refunds or credits.

Alternative Utility Services, Inc.


We review and investigate utility bills to: Examine all aspects of the invoice including accuracy and applicability of taxes, benchmarking usage and proper meter classification Determine availability for cost-saving benefit programs and rebates Ensure proper rate classification/placement to avoid unnecessary fees

Getting started

All that is needed are copies of your utility bills and provider contracts/invoices, if applicable. We take it from there – leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

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