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The amounts listed are consistent with our accounting and federal tax reporting. • 2011 fiscal year ..... An examination of group-based treatment packages for.
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Begeny: Curriculum Vita Last Modified: August, 2014


Curriculum Vita John C. Begeny Home address: available upon request Business Address: North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC Department of Psychology Home/cell phone: available upon request 640 Poe Hall Office Phone: (919) 513-7950 Campus Box 7650 Office Fax: (919) 515-1716 Raleigh, NC 27695-7650 E-Mail: [email protected] Websites developed: (Research & projects website) (501(c)3 nonprofit organization I founded and direct) (HELPS Program website) (Website offering free support for using SOPAA model)

Education and Professional Credentials 2011 • Licensed Psychologist and Health Services Provider Psychologist (HSP-P) • North Carolina Psychology Board • License Number: 4115 2005 • Ph.D., School Psychology • Syracuse University (APA Accredited Program) Dissertation: Evaluating the effects of a small-group intervention designed to improve students’ reading fluency 2002 • M.S., School Psychology • Syracuse University Thesis: Assessing teachers’ training in empirically validated instruction practices 2000 • B.S., Summa Cum Laude • Western Michigan University • Kalamazoo, Michigan Majors: Psychology English Minor: Philosophy

Money (Professional Donations and Professional Grants) I acknowledge my atypical categorization here, but because a significant amount of my professional work has been devoted to founding and (as a volunteer) directing a U.S. 501c3 education-based nonprofit organization called the Helps Education Fund, I begin this monetary section by summarizing professional giving, then proceed to grants received.

Professional Donations Provided by the Helps Education Fund (founded 2011) Financial donations refer to material and service donations that allow educators to better meet the needs of their students. The amounts listed are consistent with our accounting and federal tax reporting.

• 2011 fiscal year = $54,577 donated in materials and services • 2012 fiscal year = $69,196 donated in materials and services • 2013 fiscal year = $262,873 donated in materials and services

Begeny: Curriculum Vita Last Modified: August, 2014


• Total Amount donated by Helps Education Fund across 3 complete fiscal years - $386,646 Not included within the monetary amounts stated above, the Helps Education Fund also offers educators free access to downloadable intervention programs and professional development materials that are research-based. The number of educators who use these programs illustrates another type of giving and professional support that comes from the Helps Education Fund. • Number of schools/educators reportedly using at least one of our downloadable programs as of June 1, 2014 = 20,054

Grants Received

• Project Title: Using Community Engaged Scholarship to Examine the Usability and Feasibility of an Innovative Mathematics Assessment Program for Young Learners (Principal Investigator, $10,000); North Carolina State University; University Extension, Engagement, and Economic Development (2014-2015) • Project Title: Expanding the Metropolitan Organization of Volunteers Empowering Students (MOVES) Program (Director; $15,000); Caterpillar Foundation (2014-2015) • Project Title: Trastorno por Déficit de Atención con Hiperactividad y Dificultades en el Aprendizaje de la Lectura: Factores cognitivos y afectivo-motivacionales moduladores de la eficacia de la intervención; English translation: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Reading

Disabilities: Cognitive and Affective-motivational Factors Modulating the Efficacy of the Treatment. (Role: International Consultant; Principal Investigator: Manuel Soriano Ferrer, Professor at University of Valencia, Spain); €39.000 (~$50,000); Miniterio de Economía y Competitividad Plan Nacional de IDi Subprograma de Proyectos de Investigación Fundamental; (