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a lanky birch with mustard leaves falling, a snowhare with a pink nose. get me cumulous nimbus, stratus, feather-down for one with the windows open. get me.
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deLuge Journal

Issue: Fall 2017


deLuge Journal Issue: Fall 2017

deLuge is an online literary and arts journal devoted to the wealth of creativity that arises from dreams - directly or indirectly - and from the deeply felt/experienced life. We present works that catches the breath, that resonates like the low hum of a bass cello. Work that dazzles slant or straight on, that brings us to epiphany, to the cliff’s edge or that rises through quiet presence. However each piece sings, we hope that it leaves you feeling the reverb long after each note finishes. deLuge publishes strong, passionate pieces that excite and challenge. We accept work from new, emerging and established writers. Please see our submissions guidelines on our website at www. before sending us your work.

Cover Art: All the Blue by Ashley Provencher Copyright 2017 by deLuge Journal All Rights Reserved Published in the United States of America Co-founder, Editor Karla Van Vliet Co-founder, Editor Sue Scavo Website Design Karla Van Vliet Publisher Sue Scavo, Karla Van Vliet

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From the Editors: Sue Scavo & Karla Van Vliet

11 Jill Crammond On the Other Side of the Hollow Tree, You Are Not a Bird, But a Bride - poetry 12 Vivian Lu Absolution - fiction 14 Brad Garber Watching From My Window - poetry 15 Adreon Henry Living in the Woods - visual art Dreaming In Tongues - visual art 17 Jose Trejo Maya Heyokah Thunder Dreamers - poetry 18 Mary Campbell Wild Hemingway’s Indian Camp Revisited - fiction 32 Alexandria Heather What Isn’t the Home of God(Dog)? - visual art 33 Roger Camp Dreamscape 19 - visual art 34 Cornelius Rosewater No Rest - poetry Sirens - poetry The Reasons - poetry 37 Thomas Gillaspy Red With Bird - visual art 38 Bernadette McComish Rescue - poetry 42 Ashley Provencher All the Blue - visual art 43 ali lanzetta harvest season - cross-genre last year, a retrospect: self-test in multiples of three - cross-genre 54 Ernest McLeod Cloud Formation Over Lake - visual art Field Light - visual art Sihouette - visual art 57 Mary Ryan Karnes Chickasaw County Line - ficion 58 Amy Huffman Of Wanting and Wings - poetry

59 Margaret Warren The Kite - visual art 60 Matthew Raymond Curiale Dahlias - poetry 62 Natalie Crick Midwinter - poetry The Moon’s Call - poetry Things of Grace - poetry 65 Nina Wilson Faceless - visual art 66 Anthony Cubbage Dreaming In Flight - poetry 67 Manit Ghaotragoongit The Room in My Dream - visual art The Way In My Dream - visual art 69 Kelly Grogan On the Wings of the Wind - fiction 73 Alexis Avlamis Sunshine On a Cloudy Day - visual art Alpha Wolf - visual art 75 Suzanne Langlois Imago - poetry 76 Chrissy Martin Sanctuary - poetry 78 Dmitry Sumarokov Cradle Song - poetry 79 Ronald Wolff Winter Color 3 - visual art Winter Color 12 - visual art 81 Carly Roberts Once I Dreamt I was a Hunter - poetry 83 Francis McGill Solarium - poetry 84 Jamara Mychelle Wakefield Children of the Night - music 85 Eryka Jackson Mr. Topper - creative non-fiction 88 Lily Hinrichsen The Offering - visual art 89 Devon Balwit The Disquieting Muses - poetry

90 Gina Barnard Two Voices in Tandem - poetry 91 Claudia Fell Metamorphic - poetry 92 Fallon Sullivan Strange Animal - poetry 93 Barbara Martin Night Vision - visual art 94 Anna Martin Leuco Chroic - visual art 95 Ian Flanigan Always Running - music How Long - music Welcome Home 96 Maryanne Frederick Reach - poetry 97 W. Jack Savage I Dreamed I was a Grownup - visual art To Be Safe - fiction 104 Rebecca Pyle Chartreuse Surrounding Black Rock, Great Salt Lake - visual art 105 Leslie Bohem Some Little Something - fiction 114 Christopher Woods The Film She Sometimes Dreams - visual art 115 Bios

From the Editor Editor: Sue Scavo Winter Tale Tell me your tale of turn. Tall or long. Where do we turn and toward? Away? Turn me a tale, lathe and carve, shape and blade. Etch of skin, stroke of bone. How will we adorn it? We do adorn it. Scored, the t