Volume 3 - Groundings Ancients

history.3 Many tales about his life have been woven into Scottish history, leading us to ... and it is not known for certain which name he used throughout his life. ...... J. Kincaid, 'Dickens and the Construction of the Child' in W. Jacobson (ed.) ...
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GROUNDINGS ANCIENTS Volume 3, April 2015 www.groundings-ancients.co.uk

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Hanna Bailey Jonathan Bertulis-Fernandes Andrew Cluness Emily Grant Klara Kofen Imants Latkovskis Fiona Macdonald Ruairidh MacIntosh Carl Pierer Linn Vardheim Zoe Whittall

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CONTENTS Editorial


Columba at Keil Point: Uncovering the Myth


Alex Alexander and Allan Stroud (Glasgow) An Anthropology of American Gun Culture: the Productive Tension between Ideology and Embodiment


Joseph Anderson (Edinburgh) Oppressive Realities: Reconstructing Children’s Agency through the School Experience


Walt Andrews (St Andrews) The Construction of the (Convincing) Child Subject in Victorian literature


Katie Arthur (Glasgow) Thinking at the Limits of Humanity: Humanism, Otherness, and Queer Materialisms


Michael Awdankiewicz (Edinburgh) Expressions of Violence as Determining Reality in Archilochus


Maxwell Fabiszewski (St Andrews) Eating Disorders in the United States Military: Approaching Incidence and Treatment through the Tensions between Institutional and Gendered Identities


Emily Grant (St Andrews)


Engaging with the Troubles: the Role of Art as Explored in the Poetry of Ciaran Carson and Derek Mahon


Helen King (Aberdeen) Romanian Pig Sacrifices: a Discussion of Peasants’ Engagement with Their Surroundings


Alexandra Onofrei (Aberdeen) Mythical Measures: the Problem of Objective Inequality Measurement in Economics and the Social Sciences


Max Schröder (Glasgow) 'I Have Had My Vision': the Tension between Change and Eternity in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse and James Joyce's Ulysses


Sarah Spence (Aberdeen) Exploring Crises of Identity in Contemporary Japanese Film through an Analysis of Perfect Blue

Zoë Vincent (Edinburgh)



EDITORIAL Produced in a year dominated by debates on the Scottish Independence Question, Groundings Ancients’ second volume was an inwardly concentrated effort, focusing on Scotland and the United Kingdom. Conversely, volume three expands the journal’s paradigm, examining topics broader both spatially and intellectually, while still keeping a degree of relevance to home. Spatially, it centres on foreign lands, examining the Romanian, Japanese, and American cultures. Intellectually, it assesses the limits of human thought, objectivity and agency. Keeping with the journal’s promise of quality and diversity, this elaboration preserves our dedication to inter-disciplinarity and hig