Volume 3, Issue 9, November 3, 2016 www.hillschurch.org ...

Nov 3, 2016 - Location: Mass Conference Retreat Center, in Framingham ... Sign up by email with: [email protected] or with Cynthia Gordan in the ... me that in many ways our church exemplifies this beloved community. ... It would be helpful if you could also send us their email address and cell phone number, so.
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Volume 3, Issue 9, November 3, 2016 www.hillschurch.org OPPORTUNITIES Would you like to become a member of the Hills Church? The next Joining Sunday will be November 20, 2016. Please join clergy and church members in the Reception Room for a combined Membership Class this Sunday afternoon, November 6 from 3:00 to 5:00. This class will cover include information about our Educational Programs, Service Opportunities, The United Church of Christ (UCC), Baptism, Communion and Confirmation at the Hills Church, and Community Life. We will also discuss the Order of Worship, Church Governance, the Membership Covenant and Stewardship. You do not need to have made a decision to join the church to attend. So whether you have already decided you would like to join – or you would just like to know more about the church, please plan on joining us on the 6th. Please RSVP to the church office at 781-235-4424, ext 210 or via email to [email protected] TELLING OUR STORIES HILLS CHURCH WOMEN’S RETREAT – THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Our lives are made up of rich experiences, both sorrows and joys. Come spend a day away with Rev. Judy Swahnberg – on retreat –with the women of the church, as we sift through our own stories, listen to each other’s stories, laugh, and look for God’s grace. Suggested donation: $20 Date: This Saturday, November 5 Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Location: Mass Conference Retreat Center, in Framingham Includes continental breakfast, lunch and snacks Sign up by email with: [email protected] or with Cynthia Gordan in the Church Office THIS YEAR’S ANNUAL COAT DRIVE WILL CONTINUE THROUGHOUT NOVEMBER Coats for the Boston homeless shelters will be collected during November. Outerwear in clean and in good condition is accepted. All sizes are appreciated.

As you clean your closets, please set aside the warm clothes you don’t need. Gray collection bins will be by the church doors throughout the month of November. Questions? Please contact Donna McCabe, [email protected] THIS YEAR’S FIRST LAY-LED DINNER WILL BE HELD NOVEMBER 9 – AT 6:15 In the final chapters of the Old Testament book of Isaiah the prophet presents a promise that God will bring about a new creation and a wonderful vision of a beloved community. The persecution and anguish of the people of Israel will be no more, all people will live in harmony, they will have an intimate relationship with God, and the lion will lie down with the lamb. This summer I read a book entitled “The Beloved Community.” The book traces the history of the Civil Rights Movement from its beginning to the present. It reveals the importance of the beloved community in empowering its leaders, formulating its mission, and sustaining its soldiers. As I read the book, it was striking to me that in many ways our church exemplifies this beloved community. For the first two of our lay-led services – on November 9 and December 7 – we will explore the lessons of the book, how our church exemplifies the community and the imperative that we share the vision. Join us at 6:00 p.m. for dinner and 7:00 p.m. for the worship service. TEA WITH A MINISTER - TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 AT 1:30 We have such a special Tea planned for November! Our very own Burt Payne and daughter Saranel McGuirk will be sharing the wonderful process and stories about their family apple farm in upstate New York. Fall is harvest time and it will be interesting to hear about Burt’s farm and how it came to be his passion. Please join us in the Reception Room on Tuesday, November 15 at 1:30 p.m. for a warm cup of tea and some delicious morsels (with an apple theme) for the afternoon. We are sure some great conversation will come out of Burt and Saranel’s fun and interesting presentation! If you need a ride to and/or from the Hills Church, please call Cynthia in the church office at 781-235-4424. Hope to see you there! WOMEN'S MINISTRY NEEDS KNITTERS! As we welcome with joy the many new babies in our midst, we need to restock our supply of baptismal blankets. These blankets are given as a symbol of the care and love that