(VOST Americas) Activation Authorization Form

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Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST Americas) Activation Authorization Form This form must be completed prior to any activation. Who (Agency or organization) is requesting activation? What is the expected duration of the requested activation? (maximum 2 weeks) What is the incident/event that you are requesting we support? Who will be the VOST primary and seconday point of contact (POC) within your agency / organization? Please share ID for personal messenger / social media accounts where applicable, such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, WhatsApp.

Primary Contact: Cell: Email: @ Secondary Contact: Cell: Email: @ EOC #:

How does the POC plan on remaining in contact with the VOST? Phone? Text? Email? Slack? Skype? Twitter? Private Facebook Message? Etc… What social media platforms/profiles are already in use by your agency / organization leadership ? What are the known key words/ hashtags/ platforms/ profiles are prominent in your community relative to this activation? Please be specific. What are the VOST missions for this activation? Examples:


Monitoring - Situational Awareness ❏ Emergency Messages ❏ Search & Rescue ❏ Rumors & Hoaxes ❏ Media ❏ Key Community themes/members ❏ Multiple Platforms Amplification ❏ Same platform amplification ❏ Cross platform amplification

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By signing or typing your name above you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following terms: ❏ The VOST is a resource that may be activated at the request of any emergency management entity at local, tribal, city, county or state level. ❏ Services offered by the VOST are meant to enhance the capabilities of a sponsoring agency, not replace them. ❏ A potential sponsoring agency should not look the VOST as a primary resource but rather as a secondary and supplementary program. ❏ The VOST cannot be held liable for any agency’s social media activity or lack thereof. ❏ After your activation request is received, VOST members will be contacted to determine how many volunteers can be activated. ❏ Receipt of an activation request does not guarantee that sufficient volunteers will be found to complete the requested mission. ❏ The VOST may share authorized and public data from this activation to further VOST research, training and recruitment. Typed or digital signature is permitted. Approved by Local Emergency Manager: Signature: Date: Approved by Local PIO / VOST Liaison: Signature: Date: Approved by VOST Team Lead: Signature: Date:

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