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Aug 6, 2012 - It was gratifying to see a big turn-out of Parents for the Year 10 to Year 11 .... below, including ten pin bowling, badminton, coits, animal.
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Warilla High School Newsletter 6 August 2012

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Principal’s Message Welcome back to Term 3! It is fitting that our term begins with Parent Teacher meetings as a follow up to the half yearly reporting operation which saw detailed information on student achievement provided by each teacher across all Key Learning Areas. I am sure you have had time to consider these commentaries, and that this will form the basis for your discussions with staff. It was gratifying to see a big turn-out of Parents for the Year 10 to Year 11 Information Evening held on 18 July. These sessions are very important in outlining requirements for the Preliminary and HSC courses run in each of Years 11 and 12. I would urge you to discuss these sessions with your child, along with the information they have been given by staff at the school and the nature of the interviews they had with a team of Careers Advisers who discussed Subject Selection and Career Pathway planning on an individual basis to make sure our kids have the best possible combinations of subjects based on aspiration, aptitude and future destination. This term the school will also introduce a portfolio structure, designed to ensure coordinated staff input into the practices and systems that distinguish our work. It will also be a key mechanism in guaranteeing that we deliver on the targets that have been developed in our School Plan, 2012-2014. The four portfolios which will operate are: 1. Aboriginal Education 2. Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness 3. Curriculum and Assessment 4. Student Services These broad areas reflect the priorities nominated by both State and Regional DEC Personnel. Sitting within each of these portfolios are a number of key deliverables which will inform the work of project teams that are established to address these requirements. This work will be supported by ongoing professional learning for staff in best practice models and review and evaluation techniques. I am sure this will set up some exciting new imperatives that will enhance student learning outcomes at the school. I would also like to ask for your support in another couple of matters:Firstly, our school community has endorsed a dress code that has been clearly articulated at the school for some time. I have asked staff to ensure this code is monitored and that students meet their responsibilities in this area. It is my understanding that some parents have purchased footwear that may not comply with the stated colour. I would ask that when new footwear is purchased that the colour is compliant. (Information about our uniform is included in this newsletter). Secondly, there have been a number of incidents at the school where student behaviour has been less than expected. Harassment, violence, insolence and arguing with staff will simply not be tolerated. I have shown my resolve in this area Our School’s Core Values:

Issue 1 – Term 3 – Week 4 by using DEC protocols to expel 2 students from this school during the last week. Again, I seek your support in ensuring that those socially unacceptable behaviours outlined above have no place in our school and that everyone accepts responsibility for respecting the rights of others. Our 3 Golden rules of Care for Self; Care for Others; Care for this Place will be enforced. I look forward to working with you again this term to showcase the wonderful learning environment that is Warilla High School. With my best wishes, Mr John Hambly Principal

Deputy Report Uniform: Warilla High School is a uniform school. It is very important that all students wear the correct uniform to school each day. Failure to do so will result in students being placed on detention each lunch time. If parents need assistance in purchasing correct uniform you need to contact your child’s year advisor as soon as possible to discuss arrangements. Uniforms can be purchased at any time during school hours.