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Dec 11, 2017 - morial on Saturday 11th November. This moving event was attended by .... We then had a night at the theatre to watch the fantastic 'Blue Man Group', perform their variety show- we even got to meet the actors at ... Christmas characters, created a setting for them to live in, illus- trated the characters and then ...
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ECCO MAGAZINE CHRISTMAS MESSAGES As this term comes to an May I introduce myself. My name end and we reach the is Anne Quaile, Chair of Minerva Christmas break, I would Learning Trust. like to thank you for your I am delighted to welcome Ecclescontinued support of our field School into the Trust. school. By continuing to It has been a difficult few months work together we can help for the school but, like Richard, I our young people reach have been incredibly grateful for their full potential. It has the support given to School, by been an extremely chalparents. lenging 12 months but our At this time of writing we are in staff are as determined, professional and caring as the process of appointing a new Headteacher and by January they can be in driving this school forward. the successful candidate will be known. Our Year 11 pupils have had 2 weeks of mock exams May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. in preparation for their GCSE’s in the summer. I have been delighted by their behaviour and attitude to Anne Quaile learning throughout this period. The school is as busy as ever with rehearsals taking place for our next Drama production ‘We Will Rock You’ which will take place next term. Our Sports team It gives me great pleasure to continue to thrive and beat all that is put in front of introduce myself as your new them. Our work in the Community is ongoing and the Headteacher from January raising of money to support local charities is huge. 2018. The trips we have continue to happen, there are too This is a really exciting time for many to mention. everybody connected to the At this time of year we also, sadly, have to say goodschool as we join the Minerva bye to a couple members of staff. Learning Trust. I look forward Chris Hansen has been with us for 4 years and has to meeting you in the coming contributed so much not only to the History Departmonths as we move forward in ment but also the wider school. His enthusiasm and the New Year. positive disposition will be missed, and we wish him G Stonier all the best in his new role as Head of History at Thirsk School and Sixth Form. Kate Waddington has been with us for 7 years and her hard work and dedication will be missed and we wish Kate well as she takes on a new career. Christmas also brings an end to my time as Acting Headteacher. I have loved every minute and look forward in working with the new Head Ms Stonier who I have been working collaboratively alongside since October. I am relishing returning to my Senior Deputy role working alongside you and the students day to day and harnessing those partnerships which will support our students in achieving their full potential in a safe and supportive environment. Pupils will return on Tuesday 9th January. On behalf of the entire staff of Ecclesfield School I would like to wish you and your families a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. R Walkden


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TRUE GRIT AND RESILIENCE Millicent Newall is a current Year 11 student at Ecclesfield School. In 2015 Millicent and her family were given terrible news. Since then Millicent has shown true GRIT and resilience by continuing to work hard and stay strong which the School is extremely proud of. Below are a few words from Millicent herself.

At the end of 2015, I got the shock of my life and got the news that no one should ever get—I was diagnosed with blood cancer. The first thing that popped into my head at the time was “am I going to die?” and that’s what I think everyone thinks of when the doctor tells them they have cancer. I remember it like it was yesterday—I was crying and I told my mum that I don’t want to die and she told me that I wasn’t going to die. Luckily for me the cancer I had was 80-100% curable, but nobody could say 100%. When the doctor told me that the cancer was curable I felt like a ton of bricks fell off my chest and from that day on I never let the cancer get me down. Sure I had my ups and downs but from that day on I never once thought ever again that I was going to die. After two and a half years of treatment I finally got to the moment. I had my eyes on the bell and it was time to ring it. The bell is what tells the world you are well again. You ring it at the Children’s Hospital when it’s the end of treatment and it says you can live again. When I rang the bell I felt like I saw the last two and half years of my life finally come to peace. A peace I didn’t know if I would be lucky enough to feel again. Millicent Newall, Student

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REMEMBRANCE 2017 On Friday 10th November, the History Student Leaders decided to sell poppies for Remembrance Day. All of the money raised goes to The Royal British Legion. They money raised goes towards supplying financial, emotional and social support for veterans and members of the British Armed Forces and their families. We sold all of the poppies and we were really proud that so many students at Ecclesfield were generous to donate to such a good cause. The school also held a minute’s silence to mark our respect for those who have died in conflict. O McDonald, History Student Leader 50 of our dedicated students attended the annual festival of remembrance at the Chapeltown war memorial on Saturday 11th November. This moving event was attended by members of the local community and other dignitaries. The school band and choir received some great wonderful feedback and it was brilliant to see our students honouring this important tradition with such talent and respect. M Silcock, Teacher of Music and Drama

We were immensely proud to represent the school at the recent Remembrance Service in Chapeltown. Our Head Boy, Shaun Daley and Head Girl, Beth JarvisGreen both read poems whilst the Choir sang. It was important to pay our respects at such an important event. Thank you to everyone who came along to support the students. C Fancett, AHT

LEST WE FORGET - ECCLESFIELD REMEMBERS Ecclesfield students paid their respects to the memory of the fallen and the future of the living during this years Poppy Appeal, recognising the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces community, past and present. Over the course of remembrance week, volunteers were in the core at break times selling traditional paper poppies, as well as other Poppy Appeal merchandise, including wrist bands and stationary. Overall, they managed to raise a fantastic total of £228, which was donated to our local British Legion in Chapeltown. The money raised will go towards the funding the British Legions work in ensuring the memories of those who have fought and sacrificed in the British Armed Forces live on through the generations; and helping the British Armed Forces, veterans, and their families to live on to a more hopeful future. Thank you to all those who donated. S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement

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SHEFFIELD BOOK AWARDS 2017 We, the Ecco Book Group, read, rated and reviewed the selected Sheffield Children’s Book Award titles for 2017, as a reward for our efforts we attended a prestigious ceremony at the Crucible Theatre. As throngs of authors, illustrators and publishers filed into the auditorium, winners were declared and the cheering of lively readers ensued. The ultimate incentive came in the form of an opportunity to meet the wonderful author Alan Gibbons, famed for his young adult writing over the last three decades, he entranced us with his tales of conflict, his inspirational ideas and his gift for telling a story. He made us laugh, he divulged some of his writing tips, he even shocked us at times, but above all, he motivated us to read! R Bird, Librarian

Since September, students and teachers alike have been sharing their thoughts on books we read together for Ecco English’s Shared Shelf. This term, we’ve been reading ‘Wonder’, an excellent story from R. J. Palacio. The book features a ten-year-old boy with an incredible facial deformity, going to secondary school for the first time. It’s a Wonder-ful read and we hope you get involved! R Tse, Lead Teacher of English Twitter: Insta:

@EccoEnglish @EccoEnglish

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MATHS CHALLENGE Some of our Year 10’s took park in the Chapeltown Academy Maths Challenge. One of our teams (Lois Nutbrown, Cody Hoey, Chloe Draper and Chloe Hall) managed second place! D Bradder, Lead Teacher of Maths

GEOGRAPHY PUMPKINS Geography student leaders took a leading role in creating globe pumpkins in an afterschool club last half term. This improved their locational knowledge and map skills whilst creating unique Halloween decorations. H Batty, Lead Teacher of Geography

Y9 UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD MENTORING PROGRAMME For the 4th year now, we’ve got a cohort of Y9s taking part in the University of Sheffield Mentoring programme. Nearly 30 students with the potential to progress to University, from backgrounds which are underrepresented in higher education, are working alongside student mentors with the aim of raising aspirations. On Tuesday 5th December, the students were treated to a full campus tour, experienced lunch in the Students’ Union, and attended workshops aimed at increasing students’ understanding of University life and all the things they could get involved in. Watch this space for photos from their Celebration Event in May 2018! E Martin, Assistant Headteacher

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ECCO ON TOUR IN BERLIN 2017 On the 25th October twenty one pupils set off from Ecclesfield as part of the annual Berlin trip. Upon arrival they were given a brilliant tour of one of Europe’s most spectacular cities by our brilliant tour guide- JJ. He gave a passionate account of Berlin’s rich culture and history and was impressed by how knowledgeable and engaged our pupils were. We then had a night at the theatre to watch the fantastic ‘Blue Man Group’, perform their variety show- we even got to meet the actors at the end! Friday was the most poignant moment of the trip as we were led on a guided tour of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp by Mr Quaynor. It was a sad experience but all of our pupils were in agreement that it was an important experience and a part of history which must never be forgotten. Other highlights of the Berlin trip included - A football match at the Olympic Stadium, a tour of a nuclear bunker, a quiz in the History of Berlin museum, a visit to the Eastside Gallery, a tour of the German parliament, a visit to the Berlin Dungeons, a trip up to the top of the TV tower (Berlin’s highest point) and a visit to the Mall of Berlin where we shopped ‘til we dropped! All In all, Herr Quaynor, Frau Taylor and Frau Powers couldn’t have been more impressed with how our pupils conducted themselves on the trip. They were fantastic representatives of Sheffield and Ecclesfield School. Well done to all involved! B Taylor, Lead Teacher of MFL

CHESTER ZOO The Geography department took 120 year 8 students to Chester Zoo last month to support their learning about the world’s biomes. They got the opportunity to see lots of different animals and learn about their habitats and dangers that they face in the wild. The pupils enthusiasm and interest in the exhibits was second to none with the zoo keepers even commenting that they were the ‘best school group they had ever had.’ H Batty, Lead Teacher of Geography

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CASTLETON At the start of the year, year 7 were given the opportunity to go on a trip to Castleton to explore tourism in the area as part of their fantastic places topic. The pupils explored Treak Cliff Cavern, took a walk around Castleton and visited the visitors centre. H Batty, Lead Teacher of Geography

Y7 VISIT GRIMM AND CO In November, sixty Y7 students were given the opportunity to take part in an exciting writing workshop at Grimm & Co in Rotherham. Grimm & Co is an apothecary to the magical, which runs innovative storytelling and writing workshops that aim to ‘unleash young people’s imaginations and build confidence, self-respect and communication skills’. The company also provides a publishing platform so that each pupil gets the opportunity to share their ideas and work with the world! Miss Waine and Mr Denton’s students loved the workshop so much that they decided to use their new storytelling skills in their English lessons! As a class they came up with two gothic Christmas characters, created a setting for them to live in, illustrated the characters and then produced their own individual stories, using only their most creative, imaginative ideas! Two winners were even chosen to have their new stories sent back to Grimm and Co! How exciting! H Waine, English Teacher

HISTORY TRENCHES TRIP NOVEMBER 2017 This November, the Ecclesfield History Department took 43 students across France and Belgium to view a range of historical sites such as archaeological trench sites, cemeteries and museums. The trip, lasting 3 days, gave students opportunities to see the actual locations of battles in the First World War. One highlight was the Menin Gate ceremony in Ypres on the Friday evening, where students and staff paid their respects to the soldiers who were never found after the battles had finished. This emotional evening summed up a trip in which students had the opportunity to fully develop their knowledge and understanding of a difficult period of history. “We stayed at Ypres lodge; the rooms were fabulous.” Brogan, Y9 We went to Vimy Ridge. At one of the cemeteries, we saw a grave for a boy who was only 15. We saw the shell holes in Passchendaele. Eva, Y9.

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Arsenal Double Club Spanish Trip On the 2nd October, twelve pupils set off for London from Ecclesfield as part of the Arsenal Double Club Spanish Trip. These twelve pupils showed incredible dedication by participating in the Double Club programme since February half term of last year, committing at least an hour and a half every Thursday after school. Upon arrival, they had the opportunity to visit the Arsenal museum where they interacted with various key parts of the club’s history. However, the best was still yet to come and they were given a brilliant tour of one of Europe’s most spectacular stadiums by our brilliant tour guide – Steve Eadon. Whilst Steve gave an in-depth tour of the club, its history, and how languages have played such an important part in the club’s journey, our brilliant linguists answered questions that were written completely in Spanish! Throughout the tour, our wonderful pupils continued to show off their linguistic and cultural knowledge whilst learning interesting language facts – did you know Petr Cech speaks 7 languages?! Other highlights of the Arsenal Double Club Trip included – sitting in the Arsenal changing room in the seats that the players actually sit in, walking out of the tunnel and standing pitch side, being in the press room and sitting in the manager’s seat, winning double club t-shirts and medals for those with the best quiz scores, visiting the Emirates shop and lots more! At the end of the day, Señor Willson and Señor Quaynor were not only exceptionally proud of how our pupils conducted themselves on the trip but were also delighted with the level of Spanish used – Arsenal were very impressed! They truly were a credit to Sheffield and to Ecclesfield School. Well done to the Class of ‘17! R Willson, Lead Teacher of MFL

Clubs in MFL Once again this year, the MFL department is delighted to offer a range of extracurricular opportunities. Since January 2017, around twenty pupils each week have attended MFL Film club in P117. We’ve watched a range of films in lots of exciting new languages, including Mandarin, French and German. We kicked off the year, watching Mr Bean’s Holiday with pupils having to complete a workbook, with the knowledge they gained from watching the film. Currently, we are watching a Christmas specialJoyeux Noël. Not only is it advancing pupils’ linguistic skills but it’s also giving pupils an insight into WW1. Also this year, it’s been a pleasure to run our Futsal club on the Astroturf. Each week, come rain or shine we welcome around forty pupils to come for a kick about and some friendly football action. We’ve had lots of memorable moments so far, including last-minute winners, own goals and even some dubious refereeing decisions! Well done to you all for attending! It would be lovely to welcome even more pupils, see below for more details. What: Futsal, When: Wednesday 3-4:30, Where: Astro, Who: All welcome (register with Mr Quaynor/Mr Denton/Mr Willson first. What: MFL Film Club, When: Friday lunch, Where: P117, Who: All Y7,8,9 welcome (register with Mr Quaynor/Miss Ballard first). A Quaynor, Curriculum Leader of MFL

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GIRLS FOOTBALL Ecclesfield Girls Football teams have had a great start to the season, a mixture of results across all age groups. Well done to all taking part!! Impressive number of girls involved but everyone welcome to training on Wednesdays after school 3:15-4:15!! M Fletcher, PE Teacher

Y7 BOYS FOOTBALL It has been a great start for Y7 football, having a large amount of students trialling made the decision making process very difficult for both myself and Mr Firth. Both teams have had an exceptional start to the league campaign after winning all their games. The A team continued their success into cups reaching the quarter final in the Sheffield cup before getting knocked out by Birley in an extremely close game. The main achievement of the year so far has to be reaching the fifth round of the English Schools cup and getting into the last 128 teams nationally. Overall it has been a great start for the y7s but we are always looking to make improvements, if you feel you could add to any of our squads or just want to come along to improve your skills then get your self to football club Wednesdays after school. J Montgomery, PE Teacher


Year 9 Boys Football Year 9 boys have performed really well in the early part of the season, and are progressing really well in the South Yorkshire Schools Cup and Sheffield Schools Cup. They are also in with a shout for the Sheffield Schools Premier league. Well done lads! A Auld, PE Teacher

The Y10 boys football team have had a mixed season so far. With new faces in the team as well as the regulars participating, the team had to build up its chemistry again. After shocking defeats in the first league game and Sheffield cup, it took a while to get a victory on the board. Once this victory finally came against All Saints, the team put together a string of victories progressing into round 4 of the ESFA cup. We lost a very close game to Mirfield Grammar School and probably a game the boys deserved to win. However, the boys bounced back in their most recent game with a 9-2 victory over Sir Thomas Wharton school and have progressed to the last 16 of the South Yorkshire schools cup. N Thompson, PE Teacher

A MIXED START TO Y8 FOR THE BOYS They’re in the SY Cup ¼ final and are still in the National Cup but have lost a couple of games in the Premier League and have been knocked out of the Sheffield Cup. Still plenty of football left to be played!!

G Cambell, PE Teacher

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Y11 FOOTBALL TEAM LEAGUE The Y11 Boys Football team have had a strong start to the season and currently sit at the top of the Y11 Premiership after four games. Wins over Bradfield, Tapton, Handsworth and a draw against Hinde House mean this year the boys still remain unbeaten. Fixtures against All Saints, Notre Dame, Forge Valley and Westfield will take place in the New Year. CLEGG SHIELD The boys are in the midst of fantastic run in the Clegg Shield, continuing from winning the Sheffield Cup against All Saints at the end of Y10. The team has made it through to the Quarter Final and will be playing against Meadowhead on Monday 18th December. NOTABLE PERFORMERS The boys have been working well together this year and we have welcomed a new face into the team as well as some players who have represented us in past years. Dylan Lewis has made a solid start with some strong centre back performances as well Ryan Eades who has shown that goalkeepers also make great strikers! K Howarth, PE Teacher

DUKE OF EDINBURGH Our Y11 pupils recently completed their silver expeditions in Derbyshire and had exceptionally difficult weather to contest with on their practice expedition. The pupils performed admirably and did not let rain dampen their spirits or determination to complete their expeditions. K Howarth, PE Teacher

Y11 GCSE REVISION NIGHT As the mock exams approach the PE department has been providing our GCSE pupils with the opportunity to come along to revision sessions covering the topics that have long been forgotten from last year. We have seen a fantastic turnout during our Friday afternoon sessions and have been impressed by the commitment that some of the pupils have shown throughout this half term. Regular attenders to these sessions include Cole Edwards, Jake Vigrass, Brad Thomas, Kara Mackay, Chloe White and Jack Coleman. Well Done! K Howarth, PE Teacher

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It has been a fantastic start for the Year 7 Netball club, with approximately 20 students attending every Thursday. Where possible we have tried to take both an A team and B team to fixtures. It has been a very difficult process deciding on both teams and positions. The girls have attended friendly fixtures against Hinde House and Sheffield Girls High School. We have also had league matches against King Ecgberts, which was a tough game, losing 4-9 but we learnt a lot from the experience. Ava Wild received ‘Player of the Match’ for this fixture. They closely missed a win against Hinde House in the league match just recently. There is a lot we still need to learn as a team, but with the girl’s enthusiasm and dedication to Netball, we will soon have some wins. Well done ladies’, we are proud of your achievements so far.

The Year 8 Netball team have shown huge potential and we are looking forward to seeing their achievements this season. The girls are a committed team who are all reliable and dedicated to representing their school. We have had a consistent turn out each week by them all. The girls played well against Sheffield Girls High in a tough friendly match. They also recently played against Notre Dame, which was also a difficult match against strong players. The girls did extremely well and fought hard to make Notre Dame work for their win. Maddison Wilson received ‘Player of the Match’ for this tournament and Emily Crossley ‘Players Player’. Well done girls for your commitment as a team to represent the school. You are fantastic role models for the Y7 team. C Johnson, Curriculum Leader of PE

C Johnson, Curriculum Leader of PE

Netball friendly at SHS where Y7, Y8, and Y9 all played brilliantly! Y11 KAYAKING COURSE Twenty Y11 students from GCSE PE were selected for an intense course in Kayaking. Students completed the first part of the course at Ulley Activity Centre in October, where they learnt skills on closed lake water. Recently, 14 of these students were chosen to progress further and complete the rest of the course on open water. The Physical Education department felt this was an excellent challenge for all students selected to take part and develop new skills. All students were mature and took this once in a lifetime opportunity with a 100% effort to get the most out of this learning experience. Well done to you all. C Johnson, Curriculum Leader of PE

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Y9 NETBALL TEAM The Y9 Netball team have had an amazing start to their session in the A league, as they are undefended. Winning their last game against Meadowhead a mammoth 16-3. The girls are wanting to raise some money by organise a bake sale in order to order some new dresses for the team, so watch this space! J Pack, Lead Teacher of PE

Y10 NETBALL TEAM Y10 Netball team have played a few games this year with some brilliant outcomes. The team beat Hinde House 19-1 and a playing in the U15 tournament at Goals this week. Good luck girls! J Pack, Lead Teacher of PE

ECCLESFIELD LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Ecclesfield Leadership Academy is well under the way with 20 students on roll. They have already had a huge positive impact on the school through leading events in the community with Archers Sports Partnership. We have had lots of positive feedback about their enthusiasm and attitude towards sport. Well done to all taking part! M Fletcher, PE Teacher

Y11 BTEC COURSEWORK Y11 BTEC course work catch up on Monday’s and Friday’s after school 3 while 4pm. Come along and catch up on outstanding work and revise one to one support from either Mrs Pack, Mr Thompson or Mr Cambell who are all available and happy to help guide you through your BTEC course work! J Pack, Lead Teacher of PE

Y7 CROSS COUNTRY These Year 7 students have represented Ecclesfield School at Sheffield Schools Cross Country League fixtures with great commitment and determination. Every week students have attended training and shown great courage during sessions. Each time they have ran, great improvement is evident regarding their personal bests in training and competition. Well done to all the students who have trained and competed so far this year. A Auld, PE Teacher

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CHAPELTOWN LIBRARY 30TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS The school choir and at the super talented 53 Degrees North were invited to perform at a prestigious event at Chapeltown Library to commemorate 30 years since its opening. The event was attended by local councillors as well as The Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Anne Murphy. It was a wonderful event which shows the close link the music department have forged with the library over recent years. M Silcock, Teacher of Music, Drama and RE

CHAPELTOWN LIBRARY CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION 8th December saw the school band and choir make the now traditional journey to Chapeltown Library to perform their festive repertoire for the library staff, parents, primary schools and members of the local community. This wonderful event marks the start of what is a very busy, yet exciting season for the students here in the music department. M Silcock, Teacher of Music, Drama and RE

SUPERJAM TEA PARTY On 28th November, the choir performed at the Super Jam Team Party. This fantastic event, coordinated by Mr Hollingworth saw the school choir perform for elderly members of the local community. The event, which took place in our very own Lady Mabel Hall was really well attended and again, the choir received some outstanding feedback from the appreciative members of the audience. M Silcock, Teacher of Music, Drama and RE

ST MARY’S CHURCH CAROL SERVICE 11th December saw our talented school band and choir perform at the annual carol service at St Mary’s Church in Ecclesfield. This featured traditional Christmas carols as well as some more contempory items. The service warmed hearts and got everyone in the mood for the festive season. M Silcock, Teacher of Music, Drama and RE



The penultimate day of this term sees the event that all of our talented musicians have been rehearsing for. The Winter Concert will take place in Lady Mabel Hall on 21st December and will feature an eclectic range of music ranging from the most traditional, right up to the present day. This event never fails to impress and we can’t think of a better way to mark the end of another busy year. This musical celebration of that talent we have in our school starts at 7pm and tickets are available now from the finance office. We would advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment. M Silcock, Teacher of Music, Drama and RE

The Year 10 and 11 BTEC music students are currently working extremely hard in preparation for the BTEC Concert. This event is planned, staffed and coordinated by the students as part of their course. As with all of our performances, this event will showcase musical talent from across all year groups and will feature a wide range of musical styles and genres. The event will start at 7pm and tickets will be available to buy from the finance office early in the new year. M Silcock, Teacher of Music, Drama and RE

MONEY RAISED FOR THE LITTLE PRINCESS TRUST At the beginning of this half term, Mrs McNulty held a raffle for a student to cut her hair in assembly to raise money for the Little Princess Trust. Little Princess Trust creates wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses, and this was Franklin House’s charity in the last academic year. Mrs McNulty was inspired by other students in Franklin House who had donated their hair to make wigs and had raised sponsorship in the process. The winner of the raffle was Layla Young, who was very calm as she cut Mrs McNulty’s hair in a packed Lady Mabel Hall. Mrs McNulty, on the other hand, was very nervous. However, she is now used to her shorter hair and is pleased to report she raised almost £700 and donated enough hair to make a wig! G Revill, Franklin PM

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STUDENT LEADERS SHOW TRUE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! The Y11 student leadership team really helped the community get into the Christmas spirit at the beginning of December, by volunteering to help at this years Chapeltown Christmas Fayre, at the Newton Hall in Chapeltown. They had an early start, helping to set out the hall for craft stalls, helping stall holders set up and erecting gazebo’s for Santas grotto, all before most people had woken up! They were then on hand to help children visit Santa in his grotto, sell raffle tickets and distribute information leaflets, before helping to pack up. John Housley from the Chapeltown Community Forum said, “I would like to say a big thank you to all the students who helped out at the Craft Fayre and Santa Grotto on Saturday. We have had lots of feedback from visitors telling us how helpful, courteous, polite and respectful the students were. They were a credit to themselves, parents, school and more importantly the youth of today. We’re already looking forward to the next time they can lend a hand” A massive thanks to all those students that took part, you did yourselves and the school proud! If you would like to learn more about the work of the Chapeltown Forum, please contact Sean Hollingworth on 0114 2409583 for more details. S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement

For the last year Churchill House have been raising money for the wonderful charity, Make-A-Wish. The charity raises money to grant the wishes of seriously ill children. So far, we have managed to raise over £1000 for the charity. Two Mentor groups in particular have been leading the way in fundraising; CJF sponsored their mentor to complete a 10km run and managed to raise £500 and they are currently organising a raffle with lots of wonderful prizes. Above, you can see CJF who all bought a poppy for Remembrance Day, showing their passion for supporting charities. The second Mentor group is CDCO who have sponsored their Mentor, Mr Corker to grow a handle bar moustache for charity. We all had a good laugh at his expense, but unfortunately, he declined to have his photo taken for this edition of the magazine! There is even more in the pipeline for the coming months; the House leaders are organising a range of events, which will continue to raise money for this well-deserved charity. As their Head of House I am very proud of their efforts so far this year and cannot wait to see what the final total will be! Well done, Team Churchill. S Melody, Head of Churchill House

RECOGNITION OF HARD WORK AND GRIT! These two fantastic students, Carla-Leigh Lawrenson and Ben Jones, were recently treated to an afternoon of pool, bowling, sweets and treats, courtesy of the The Sheffield Star newspaper & @learnsheffield We were asked to nominate two superstars who have gone above & beyond for different reasons and they were allowed an afternoon away from school and full of treats! Carla has recently had the all clear from a lifethreatening illness and has never once complained about this getting in the way of her studies. Ben gives up so much time to help out in the community and goes above and being to help others in whatever he does. They are both an absolute credit to our school. #WeAreEcco C Fancett, Assistant Head Teacher

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TURING STUDENTS HIT THE ‘BIG SCREEN’! Turing Student Leaders have found a novel way of giving feedback to the rest of the students. After their monthly House meetings different students volunteer to give feedback by recording messages that are shown on the big screen in assemblies. Turing Acting Head of House Mr Cater told us: “We’ve got some awesome young people in our Turing Student Leaders Team. They turn up every time with great ideas and good sense and are so keen to get involved to make our great House even more successful. I wanted to make sure that the other students get feedback on what their Student Leaders are doing and so between us we came up with the idea of filming reports to show in Turing Assembly. So far, every time we’ve done this, we’ve had plenty of volunteers to be Turing Newsreaders. We film the reports on Friday morning so that we can show them in Monday assemblies. What is nice is that we’ve had Y11s doing the reports with younger students and encouraging and supporting them.” Y7 Student Leader Callum Roome, who is one of the Turing Newsreaders said: ”The experience of doing it and seeing it on the screen in front the other 350 students in Turing was great. It was a privilege doing it with Yacob, one of the top Y11 students in the school. This made it special for me. I really enjoy being a Turing leader and think our meetings are great.” First big decision for the year was choosing the Turing House Charity for this year. Turing students discussed ideas in mentor groups and then made suggestions, which were narrowed down to 5 by the House Leaders. Every Turing student and Form Mentor then had a vote to decide which one it should be. Above is Callum reading out the name of the winning charity, which was Weston Park Cancer Charity. T Cater, Turing HOH

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITES CONTINUE TO GROW!! The ever expanding extra curricular offer continues at Ecclesfield. The latest new additions this term are Y7 & 8 Science Club with Miss Gray and Geography Club with Miss Battey. All you need to get involved is turn up – we open the door all you need to do is walk through! For up to date news and information about all the exciting clubs you can get involved in at lunch or after school follow @ecco_zone on twitter, or check out the news section of the school website. S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement

ST SAVIOURS FOOD BANK COLLECTION Our food bank collection for St Saviours food bank was back again for 3rd year this December. Once again student power came to fore as we collected for those in our community who may struggle to feed themselves and their children, at Christmas time. Students in each mentor group were asked to raid cupboards at home for items that could be spared and donated to the food bank. Overall we managed to collect ove 60 boxes of food, weighing over a ton at 1164 kgs, which is a fantastic effort. The winners of the house competition were Turing house, who collected a whopping 349 kgs! The mentor group with the most donations was Mr Quaynors form, CAQR, with 64 kgs alone! The winning mentor groups in each house all won a prize to be shared amongst the group, and house points were awarded for 1st to 5th place in the house competition as follows: 1st - Turing 2nd - Churchill 3rd - Franklin 4th - Rowling 5th – Nightingale Maureen Greaves from St Saviours Food Bank was full of praise for the students efforts, “It really is wonderful to see Ecclesfield students come together in aid of our bank once again. Their efforts have ensured we’ve got plenty in the bank, to help families in our community. The food that they’ve collected will be distributed over the Christmas and New Year period to those who need it most. We are truly grateful to generosity of students and their families, who have donated this year. Thank you so much”. Well done to everyone who donated or volunteered to help spread some Ecclesfield Christmas cheer! If you would like more information about St Saviours Food Bank, please visit – www.stsaviours.info/food-bank/ S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement

Visit us online at: www.ecclesfield-school.com

BURNCROSS WILD FLOWER VOLUNTEERS MEET THE LORD MAYOR! Back in early September, Ecco Volunteers received reward for their hard work and enthusiasm, by meeting the Lord Mayor for the grand opening of the Burncross Wild Flower Garden on Bracken Hill. Over the course of 3 dates in spring, the newly formed Ecclesfield Volunteers helped transform waste land in Burncross, from a drab grey space into a beautiful wild flower garden, as part of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Greening Grey Britain Project. Students were able to chat to the Mayor about their involvement in the project and were on hand to show her around the garden. The garden is open to the public and will be a wonderful colourful space to be enjoyed by the whole community, if you are passing please call in. S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement

CHAPELTOWN FORUM AND CHAPELTOWN IN BLOOM—VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! The Chapeltown Forum and Chapeltown in Bloom are two community groups formed with the aim of bringing our community together, improving our local area to make Chapeltown a better place to live! Working with schools and other local community groups they work hard to put on events in the community including the Chapeltown Christmas Fayre and Chapeltown Village Show. They are also instrumental in trying to improve the appearance of Chapeltown including, landscaping and opening the Memorial Garden next to the Newton Hall to the community, organising community clean ups and installing planters in the town centre which are full of flowers, making the area look much better for it. Both groups have a small group of dedicated volunteers who help with all projects and events, but they need more to help continue their hard work. Each volunteer only gives the amount of time they can manage, with no pressure to do more. If you: Have an hour to spare? Like to make new friends? What to help improve your community. We would love to hear from you! Please contact Sean Hollingworth on 0114 2409583 for more details. For more information about the work of the Chapeltown Forum or In Bloom visit - www.chapeltownforum.co.uk or www.chapeltowninbloom.co.uk S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement


Over 80 Y11’s have already signed up to the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme next summer. Already surpassing last years total! They will all be given a boost to kick start their post school future with a 4 week summer adventure they’ll never forget! They will take part in an week enjoying activities such as kayaking, climbing, caving; a week living on their own learning new skills employers value such as teamwork, leadership and communication. Finally, over the last 2 weeks they will create and deliver a social action project – giving them the power to help change their community. If you sign up before the end of 2017, it will only cost £35 (normally £50) - this includes all tuition, accomodation, transport and food - worth well over £1500! If you’re in Y11 and not signed up yet, grab your application form from student services; speak to the NCS reps in the canteen on Tuesday lunch times or call them direct on 0114 324 0737. What are you waiting for! S Hollingworth, Community and Business Engagement

Visit us online at: www.ecclesfield-school.com

LORD MAYOR HAILS FIRST SUPERJAM TEA PARTY—A GREAT SUCCESS! Ecco Volunteers reached out in to the community at the end of November to host our first ever SuperJam Tea Party. The party was organised with the help of Home Instead Care and generous donations from Morrisons supermarket and SuperJam. The aim was to provide a place for people who may be lonely or isolated in our community to come together for a chat and make new friends over a cuppa, a sandwich and some entertainment. Over 30 people came to our inaugural event, which was officially opened by The Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Anne Murphy. Guests were treated to VIP service by student volunteers serving drinks and food. The school choir put on a fantastic performance which was enjoyed by all, this was followed by a trip down memory lane with a presentation by Ecclesfield Parish Archive. The Lord Mayor said “It’s great to see so many people here having a simply lovely time, more inportantly seeing the students and guests+ mixing and talking to one another. There is a real need for this type of event in all communities, to help bring generations together. I hope that this is the first of many such tea parties”. Keep you eyes peeled for the dates of our next tea party, which will be held in February 2018. If you or someone you know would like to attend, please contact Sean Hollingworth on 0114 2409583 to have names put on the waiting list. S Hollingworth, Community and Business Engagement

DISCOVER US PROGRAMME Eight Y9 students have recently been successful in their application to become part of the University of Sheffield’s ‘Discover US’ programme. The programme aims to raise the awareness and aspirations of students who do not have a family tradition of going to University. Students will visit the University 3 times each year from Year 9 to Year 11, where they will take part in a range of activities which aim to excite, inspire, improve confidence and open up their minds to the wide range of possibilities available to them through higher education study. Good luck to Nathan, Alexcia, Billy, Lilly, Fahad, Elle! S Hollingworth, Community and Business Engagement

CTL SEALS—OUR NEW ENTERPRISE PARTNER We are pleased to announce that CTL Seals of Ecclesfield have agreed to be the schools new Enterprise Adviser. Over the course of the coming years they will support the school in improving links with local employers and help develop work based opportunities for students such as work experience, enterprise activities, sector specific information evenings and creating employer challenges. One of the first projects they will be working on is assisting the Technology department to compliment the delivery of the BTec Engineering programme, giving students first hand experience of how the skills they learn in the classroom are used in real world engineering projects. We will also be exploring the prospect of developing direct apprenticeship opportunities for students looking to enter the engineering profession. Andy England from CTL Seal said, “We are really looking forward to working with Ecclesfield School to help develop opportunities for their students. It is something I am extremely passionate about, so we will do all we can to ensure this partnership is a success. We already have a number of ex Ecclesfield students completing apprenticeships with us, so we know the calibre of students they have in school. Hopefully, the work we’ll be doing will enable more to see the opportunities that are available to them within the Engineering sector.” Keep your eyes on the schools social media for news of any developments in this exciting partnership. If your company would like to work with us, please contact Sean Hollingworth on 0114 2409583. S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement

Visit us online at: www.ecclesfield-school.com

Mini Bus Washers Y8 Ecco Volunteers got their hands soapy during October, when they volunteered to clean the school minibuses! Anyone who who has been seen the minibuses recently will know that they were in dire need of clean. The volunteers did a great job, with staff and parents commenting that it’s been a while since the buses were so clean. Thanks to the students for their efforts!! S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement

EXTRA CURRICULAR PRIZE WINNERS—#GETINVOLVED It really is rewarding to #getinvolved in extra curricular activities at Ecclesfield. Students from all houses found out for themselves at the Student of the Half Term assemblies. Students who consistantly attended lunch and afterschool clubs where put into house prize draws to win some great prizes including free swimming passes at Thorncliffe Leisure Centre, free passes to Jump Inc, free meals in the canteen, Meadowhall vouchers and tickets to a SWFC game! If you want to be in the next half term draw, all you need to do is go to clubs on a regular basis. Those with the most attendances will be in the draw to win some great prizes! Don’t forget to keep a record of the clubs you attend using pages 16/17 in your planner. When you attend a club 5 times see Mr Hollingworth for more merits and when you’ve attended 10 times, see him to be entered into the prize draw to win! S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement


A group of Y8 students were one of only a handful of teams across Sheffield, invited to the Big Challenge Flying Start event in Sheffield at the start of December. The BiG Challenge is an enterprise competition open to all Secondary Schools and Colleges in Sheffield. Each team has the opportunity to design and grow a business from a £25 start up loan over two school terms. Trading as ‘DIY Decos’ they received the ‘Highly Commended’ award in recognition of their fantastic start to the challenge, by selling bespoke music related decorations for every occasion. In addition to the award, they received a £25 cash prize to put towards the over £250 profit they have already made, since starting the challenge in October. Well done to Isabelle, Alisha, Holly and Maddy!

SWORD DANCERS CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE! The Ecclesfield Sword Dancing team kept up their Christmas tradition by performing at the Chapeltown Christmas Fayre in early December. After weeks of practice the team put on a great show, receiving a fantastic response from onlookers. Sword dancing is just one of the many extracurricular activities you can take part in at Ecclesfield, for more info see the news section of the school website or follow us on twitter @ecco_zone. If you would like more information about sword dancing or other activities, please contact Mr Hollingworth in school. S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement

There are 15 other Ecclesfield teams competing in this years BiG Challenge; with still over 3 months remaining, there’s plenty of time for them to develop their businesses and make it to final in March. The overall winners will receive an all expenses paid trip to a secret destination, which in the past has included Moscow and Dubai! S Hollingworth, Business and Community Engagement

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EQUALITY AT ECCO We recently welcomed members of the Uni of Sheffield LGBT+ society in to talk to some Year 8 PSHCE classes. They were very informative & our students asked some brilliant questions. The students were once again (and as usual!) so respectful. As a Stonewall Champion school, we are fully committed to ensuring equality and tolerance for all and in January, we will be applying for the Stonewall Silver certificate, an accreditation which will show our full commitment towards this. Well done all and thank you! #WeAreEcco C Fancett, Assistant Headteacher

RESTART A HEART! A big well done to all of our students who took part in #RestartAHeart day back in October. Throughout the day, we managed to train 261 students & staff CPR. We are official #lifesavers! Proud of you all. A particular thanks to the team from @YorksAmbulance for being BRILL and to local MP, Angela Smith, for coming along to show her support! Until next year! C Fancett, Assistant Headteacher

WORK HARD ECCO! Year 11 students have recently completed their school exams and we were really happy with the way they have conducted themselves. Students have been punctual, respectful to invigilators and have tried their very best. Thank you, Year 11. We will be rewarding you with an assembly full of positive recognition very soon. Students also received a signed picture and a personal message from a rather special Mr Tim Peake….wow! We especially love his use of #WeAreEcco! Make sure you all have a well deserved rest over Christmas. C Fancett, Assistant Headteacher

Visit us online at: www.ecclesfield-school.com

WE WILL ROCK YOU! Rehearsals are well under way for next year’s whole school musical – ‘We Will Rock You’. There are 160 students taking part in the project and the show will feature singing, dancing, acting and a live band. The enthusiasm of the students is incredible with some form of rehearsal taking place every day of the week. The show is based on the songs from the band Queen and is set in the future when all musical instruments are banned. Tickets for the show go on sale in January. B Smithard, Curriculum Leader of Drama

CASTLE ROYAL Rehearsals are well under way for next year’s whole school musical – ‘We Will Rock You’. There are 160 students taking part in the project and the show will feature singing, dancing, acting and a live band. The enthusiasm of the students is incredible with some form of rehearsal taking place every day of the week. The show is based on the songs from the band Queen and is set in the future when all musical instruments are banned. Tickets for the show go on sale in January. B Smithard, Curriculum Leader of Drama



On Thursday 30th November the cast of lasts years Y7 production of ‘Monty’s Barrow’ ventured down to London for the matinee performance of Disney’s Aladdin. The show is into its second year on the West End at the Prince Edward Theatre and currently stars former pupil Matthew Croke who is playing the role of ‘Aladdin’. After the performance the current students of Ecco were able to meet Matthew B Smithard, Curriculum Leader of Drama and talk about the show whilst managing to get a few photographs and autographs. We wish Matthew all the best for next year as the show continues to enjoy huge success. B Smithard, Curriculum Leader of Drama

During November, our talented Y11 GCSE Drama students devised their own performances based around a theme of their choice. Students had to research their topic and perform it in a style they felt was appropriate. Each exam piece had to have a dramatic aim and the standard of the work was excellent. Our students created drama that was thought provoking and moving.

BTEC PERFORMANCES During December our BTEC Performing Arts students will be performing their Unit Two work to an audience. The students have been very creative with their ideas and have been putting their own unique ‘horrible twist’ to a well-known fairytale B Smithard, Curriculum Leader of Drama

Visit us online at: www.ecclesfield-school.com



A few weeks ago, I signed myself up to do a homeless experience with scouts. I was given a fund-raising sheet to fill in, Altogether I raised £100 for the charity ‘Safe at last’ which is a charity that helps homeless teenagers. During the experience, I felt very cold and vulnerable. Luckily, the weather was dry so I didn’t get wet. Some other scouts had brough cardboard boxes to sleep in! Altogether, I thought the experience was fun and I would happily do it again, however I wouldn’t want to do it every day and night. It made me think about how people manage without food or shelter. I have recently been to a few big cities and the amount of people living on the streets was horrible. I hoped that I helped someone with all the money I raised and maybe some day homelessness will be extinct. Hannah Kendrick, Student

My name is Emmanual Essien and I am part of the Big Challenge Team: Threadless Inc. I design, create and sell Paracord bracelets. Big challenge is an enterprising competition which bring up young people to become more involved in enterprising. Big challenge involves you by creating a business and marketing your products. It acquires you skill to be more patient and more creative in your mind. So far I have had many selling opportunities. These being at Christmas fayres and festivals at Bradfield School, Firth Park and Hatfield Primary. As well as this I have marketed and sold my products at my youth groups and occasionally in school. In October 2017 I decided that I would support another cause for my business. I decided to donate half of all my profits to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity. In return they support me with loads of fundraising material including t-shirts. Balloons and collection buckets. I believe it is important to give back to others as you also enjoy. This charity makes our Hospital a world class facility. Emmanuel Essien, Student

THANK A TEACHER SCHEME We absolutely love recognising the hard work of our staff as they really do work so hard day in and day out. Thank you to parents for over one hundred responses nominating different members of staff who have made a difference. Comments from parents/guardians include; “I was very impressed and heart-warmed by Mr Guest at the last Y7 parents' evening with regard to his support as Harry mentor. He openly congratulated and praised Harry's attitude and start to his student life at Ecclesfield. This simple gratification is what students need and as a parent was fantastic to hear. Thank you Mr Guest!” “Miss Callan went out of her way to assist one of her students with their maths school work. She regularly emailed me and ensured that my son had all the support he required, her communication was second to none and whilst she doesn't teach Jack in Y9, her support to Jack during Y8 was invaluable.”

“We would like to take this opportunity to nominate Charlie Brennan, English department. This is for her determination to enrich the lives of the young people she teaches by prompting and instilling a 'can do' attitude in each individual Pupil and for taking the time to make us all feel important and that our individual talents within this subject area is recognised and valued” Staff nominated received a card of thanks in their pigeon hole and something sweet which is always appreciated! We have also love celebrating with staff in briefing and these nominations come from their colleagues. Beth Taylor (Teacher of MFL) recently won for helping a colleague out in their hour of need, Siobhan Melody (Head of Churchill House) won for making a particularly stark difference to a student in a Churchill mentor group and Pete Booth (our Safeguarding officer) won for his support of another colleague. Thank you to all.

C Fancett, Assistant Headteacher

Visit us online at: www.ecclesfield-school.com

Visit us online at: www.ecclesfield-school.com


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