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This isn't just about giving them good ... Email & Request Wedding Day Timeline. ... have clients that do all your marketing for you I do offer 1:1 mentorship ...
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W E D D I N G workflow checklist

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A note from Jade

There is no better promotion for your business than that of the walking, talking billboard that are your past clients. But how do you make them your biggest advocates? By giving them the best client experience possible. This isn’t just about giving them good photos to go home with, it’s about how you relate to them as people (remember things that they tell you, so you can bring it up in conversation later), how comfortable you make them feel not only in front of the camera, but each time you chat. You’ve got to be on the ball with your communication, give them a quick turn around time for your product, and making them feel like they are your only clients – they are your sole focus.

But when they clearly aren’t your only clients and you’ve got to

divide your time up between them all, how can you ensure

you give them each the experience they deserve? It’s all about managing your ‘client love’, and this workflow sheet will help you do just that. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the checkboxes, they are simply a guide to every single step of the wedding shoot, from bookings to remembering to get a post shoot review, so that you don’t forget a single small (yet important) step.

Jade xx

Inspiration “The time will pass anyway, YOU CAN EITHER spend it creating THE LIFE YOU WANT, or spend it living the life you don’t want. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.” ~ Unknown


Book Wedding

Receive Signed Contract

Receive Retainer

Record Retainer

Create client folder for their wedding - include price guide they seen

Make Digital Copies Of Contract, put in clients folder on computer

Email Confirmation/Invoice To Client

Put dates in diary

Send out brides guide and thank you note

Wedding worksheet questionnaire gets sent out

Schedule Engagement Session

Send questionnaire love story

Email Client Engagement Session Prep & Tips

Morning of eshoot email or sms

Shoot Engagement Session

Sneak Peek Of Engagement Session

 Facebook  Twitter  Instagram

Send hand written Thank You Note

Thank you email

Cull Engagement Session

Edit Engagement Session

Back up Engagement Session

Make Slideshow Of Engagement Session

Blog Engagement Session

Upload FB album

Upload Engagement Photos To Online Gallery

Email client blog post and slide show

Email client online gallery details

Send USB + USB care note + print release

Email Client about learning their favourite engagement photo

Send Client A Personalized Gift As A surprise

Email Engagement Album Instructions For Ordering



Design Engagement Album

Revision One of Album

Final edits of engagement album photos

Back up final edits

Select FAVs and put in Year Favs folder

Order Engagement Album