Wedding Photography by Matthew Green -

unique, high quality images that capture the emotions of ddi d it f ld Th lt i ti your wedding ... on facebook, y y. MySpace, Twitter, Linked In and across the web!
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Wedding Photography by Matthew Green

Wedding Photography by Matthew Green

Wedding photography at its best is about capturing a story. Our wedding reportage service, under the direction of Matthew Green, ensures your special story is captured by the best.

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In a nutshell nutshell...

I use an informal reportage style of photography that captures the unrehearsed moments of your day. day Working unobtrusively and efficiently I am committed to providing unique, high quality images that capture the emotions of your wedding ddi d day as it unfolds. f ld The Th result lt is i a creative ti storybook of photographs for you to cherish for years to come.


Reportage photography takes its roots from photojournalism, and as such requires q quick reactions,, spontaneity q p y and flexibility from a photographer in order to capture the emotions of the day. If you, or perhaps more importantly, the people paying for the wedding, wedding require traditional & time consuming group photos and posed set pieces then feel free to contact us for a recommended professional photographer (UK only) from our exclusive network, but note this is not what I provide.

Bespoke Service

I will provide a contemporary, natural and stress-free approach to capturing the story of your wedding. We will develop a shared vision of the style you want to achieve and work within the parameters that you set. On the day I will be there for as long or short h t as you require, i tactfully t tf ll shadowing h d i you with ith your family f il and d friends ensuring that you will end up with a collection of beautiful and natural images g that speak p volumes about yyou both and the people closest to you.

Finished Product

All images are recorded digitally using Nikon and Canon professional cameras. Each image is hand edited using a variety of techniques to create unique artwork and a reportage portfolio of your special day. day Once prepared, prepared all of your images will be made available to you on an electronic storage device ready to print on any material to A1 poster size, upload or email.



Black & White


Canvas Style

Hush Special

Torn Stamp



Additional Services •Fine Art Print •Slide show CD or DVD •Leather bound digital album •Pre Pre – wedding session •Post – wedding session •Trash Trash the dress session •Personalised thank you photos •Photo printing •Anniversary Party & Photo Exhibition

Diversity should be celebrated. Everyone is different. There is no one size fits all solution to your wedding day and you have the power to choose what you want and the opportunity to reshape the mould! I work through a process of consultation and I will work with you to ensure that you find and receive what it is you are looking for...whatever yyour style, y yyour theme, yyour budget g – the key always is, it is your day. Above all you will enjoy, we will laugh and you will look great frozen in timeless,, of the moment,, images g .

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Recommended Package

From dawn to dusk documenting your special day from start to finish, includes pre-wedding consultation, all editing work and delivery of images on electronic storage device

Keeping in touch

Matthew Green Web: Email: [email protected] UK: +44 (0) 7939 257177 Malta: +356 79 630443 Search “Hushabye y Lifestyles” y on facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linked In and across the web!