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advertising industry behind her, she uses all her talents to be able to direct a wedding shoot, sniff out moments from behind the scenes and be able to put a bride ...
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Award winning wedding photography

Wedding Photography Look Book

Perfect, fun and candid Indian wedding photography by a husband-wife team of wedding photographers! Who better to shoot your wedding than a married couple? Working as a husband-wife team, Arjun and Praerna are candid wedding photography specialists – and veterans of the fledgling wedding photography genre in India. With a penchant for making “fun” photos, they love creating behind the scenes memories that will last a lifetime. From their home base of New Delhi, India, they have travelled all over the country and abroad shooting weddings with their own personal and distinctive brand of exquisite, timeless and off-beat approach to wedding photography. With their own wedding on a cold, winter night a couple of years ago behind them, Arjun and Praerna understand what it takes to get married – and are able to integrate as part of your family to be able to shoot behind-the-scenes memories like no one else ever can!

Arjun Kartha is a ‘non-wedding’ wedding photographer with a candid, contemporary and off-beat approach to shooting Indian marriages. With years of rich experience, Arjun is one of the finest and most sought after wedding photographers in India. He started his career in advertising, and worked with a long line of talented photographers in all kinds of shoots that sparked his latent interest in photography. He found himself moving from advertising to retail consulting and finally to IT Marketing before he realized that his latent creativity could not be fulfilled in just corporate marketing. Now, over ten years later, Arjun finds himself precisely where he wanted to be when he first started his career – behind the lens, doing something that he loves.

Praerna is a creative professional with a bundle of talents at her disposal, which makes her the perfect companion on a wedding shoot. With over six years of experience in the advertising industry behind her, she uses all her talents to be able to direct a wedding shoot, sniff out moments from behind the scenes and be able to put a bride at ease for that perfect portrait shot. With her charming and easy going manner, and with her skill behind the camera, Praerna is able to become an integral part of the wedding and finds herself walking away with timeless wedding memories from an insider’s perspective of the wedding. When not shooting a wedding, Praerna is a talented food blogger, photographer and food-stylist. She runs a food blog called Food-dee-dum, and can also be found in the AKP studios chasing after that perfect shot of a waffle!

Kodak Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 Arjun Kartha is a category winner of the Kodak Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 award. This prestigious award recognizes the best of Wedding Photography in India, and final winners are selected from more than 30,000 submissions from all over the country. The final award was after a grueling six day wedding shoot all over Malaysia.

Wedding Photographer of the Year Shoot The award process involved sending shortlisted photographers to the lovely island of Langkawi and the city of Kaula Lampur. The shoot was designed to cover all parts of a destination wedding, from a pre-wedding coupleshoot to the actual wedding and even a honeymoon shoot aboard a lovely yatch around the island. All of the pictures you see in these galleries were shot for exclusively for the award, and are property of CNBC-TV 18 and the Better Photography Magazine.

What we can provide you

BESPOKE CANDID WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY by Arjun and Praerna. We’ll integrate with your family, stay behind the scenes and find those perfect moments that most people would miss. Perfect if you want to make your own traditional wedding arrangements and rely on us to provide you with incredible memories from your special day.

BEAUTIFUL DOCUMENTARY STYLE WEDDING VIDEO We turn wedding video inside out. Thematic, conversational and completely tailored to your wedding, this i