During Bridal. Party portraits, I will make sure to take some..... ..... great shots of the guys and girls both separately AND together. After bridal party portraits are complete, the bride will go into hiding so that early guests don't sneak a peek and the ushers will begin their duties. Portraits. 4:15-4:45. Bridal Party. Portraits. 4:50-5: ...
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W E L C O M E Hello Bride-to-be and Welcome! This is such an exciting and emotionfilled season of life for you! I’m sure your mind is racing with all that needs to be planned. It’s all very exciting but it can also be somewhat overwhelming. You’re planning the day that you’ve been anticipating your whole life and yet you only get one shot at it! By the time you get the hang of it, the planning is over! My goal as a wedding photographer is to make this one aspect of the planning process simple, while making sure your photographs are just what you want them to be. Photography is more than just images, it’s a real part of your day. Not only do you deserve beautiful images, you also deserve an amazing photographic experience. This small book will tell you what I can offer you as a wedding photographer and I hope we have the opportunity to work together!


I CAN HELP YOU PLAN A WORRY-FREE WEDDING DAY It’s so important to make sure that on your wedding day, all “your ducks are in order,” so that you can simply enjoy the biggest milestone of your life! The way we plan how your day goes will make or break your photography. In the end, after all the festivity is over, your photos will be one of the only documentations that will enable you to relive your day. What I typically do with my brides is to plan out what your wedding timeline will look like to ensure that you have all the wish-list photos while minimizing, if not eliminating all the stress and rush. Because timing is so crucial to my part of your day, I have a vested interest in designing it in the best way possible. Once we have the timeline nailed down, you’ll feel like you have a good big picture of the day and plan everything else accordingly. The best part is, you can use this timeline to iron out details with your family as well as the other vendors in your wedding. The next 2 pages will show you part of a sample timeline that I use to work with my brides in order to design their day in a way that comfortably accommodates all the photography.



SAMPLE TIMELINE After the details have been photo-

Bridal Details 2:30-3:15

graphed, it’s time for the bride to get into her dress! This is a big moment! I usually ask the mother of the bride and all of the bridesmaids to be dressed by the time the bride is ready to get into her dress. This ensures that everyone will look nice in those images. After the bride is in her gown, she can put on her jewelry, veil, shoes, etc. and I will shoot some additional bridal portraits!

First Look 4:00-4:15

Every bride loves having those beautiful shots of her bridal details. It’s an important part of the story and I love having some time to shoot the dress, shoes, jewelry, invitations, etc. These shots allow me to get warmed up for the rest of the big day. I normally like to allow at least 45 minutes for this part of the day. While I’m shooting details,

3:15-3:45 Bridal Prep

I’m also capturing some shots of the

This is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day! I will find the perfect location for my couple’s First Look prior to the getting ready portion of

bride and her girls getting ready.

the day. Don’t stress about that one bit! I will make sure the location is private and as secluded as possible.

This is only half of your wedding day. You can see the rest of this SAMPLE TIMELINE in my wedding planning guide once we decide to work together! 6

Here’s the page that can be somewhat intimidating! The TIMELINE! I know this isn’t the most exciting aspect of the wedding day but this is the one thing that can make or break your photography! The next few pages will outline an ideal wedding day working off of a 6pm ceremony timeframe. This ideal timeline is also based off of a wedding day that includes a first look. About half of my couples choose to do a first look and you can read more about that option a few pages over! Remember that all wedding days are different and your timeline may differ due to travel times and unique situations.

Bridal Party Portraits 4:50-5:20

Portraits 4:15-4:45

..... great shots of the guys and girls both separately AND together. After bridal party portraits are complete, the bride will go into hiding so that early guests don’t sneak a peek and the ushers will begin their duties.

After the bride and groom take their time with the First Look, I will begin taking a few romantic portraits of the two of you while the initial excitment is still present. I will find the locations for these shots as well. Remember, the LIGHT determines where we shoot and so I can’t decide

Now it’s time for Bridal Party shots!

on portrait locations until the day-

I buffer in extra time throughout

of. As we shoot these portraits, the

the day just in case we have some

bridal party can start making their

unexpected things that hold us up.

way to us for Bridal Party portraits!

One way to make sure we stay on schedule for bridal party portraits is to have someone put the boutonnieres on the guys BEFORE they arrive for portraits. During Bridal Party portraits, I will make sure to take some..... 7

5:30-6:00 Bride in Hiding


I FOCUS ON DOCUMENTING RELATIONSHIPS I will make sure that all aspects of your wedding day are documented in photographs, from bridal details, bride portraits, wedding party photos, family portraits, bride & groom portraits to ceremony and reception details. I will spend extra energy, however, on capturing the intangible cues of relationships, cues that help me see affection for your loved ones, especially your now husband/wife (!), as well as your excitement on your big day. These photos that record your feelings and emotions throughout the day will help you relive your wedding for years to come.



I MAKE SURE YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE... ...because your photos won’t be natural otherwise! I always encourage my clients to do an engagement session with me because it’s so helpful for all of us to get to know each other and for you to feel comfortable with me being around. I try to create moments during the engagement session so that you’re not stiffly posing, but hanging out and having a great time with each other. And while you’re simply spending time with each other, I capture the candid shots that show your chemistry and your unique relationship.



I HAVE MUCH MORE TO SHARE WITH YOU! As part of your welcome package as an Emcee Studio Photographie bride, you will receive a wedding planning guide book that provides you with tips and tricks on how to best plan you day to make sure you get the most out of your wedding photography. Most brides are doing this for the first time, so this is very helpful for them as they put all the details together months in advance as well as when they go through day-of reminders just before their wedding day. The next couple of pages show you what the guide book entails and what you can expect to get out of it.

I hope this has been helpful for you as you make your decision on your wedding photography! Thank you for reading everything through! My contact info is on the back of this book, so please feel free to get in touch with me. I’ll be so excited to speak with you!




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Your Romantic Portrait Time

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