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Aug 31, 2016 - Somerville Food and Nutrition Services, 42 Cross St, Somerville MA 02145 ... Twitter and Instagram: @svillefood4kids. Favorite ... with Apple.
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Welcome back! As I sit here writing this it is hard to believe another school year has passed. We have had so many exciting things to celebrate this past year that is hard to pick just a few to highlight. This year we focused heavily on local foods- we put a local fish on the menu and joined a CSA with Drumlin Farms, there were taste test and local harvest days. We re-vamped our Veggie of the Month campaign; we also purchased new equipment to continue to strive to serve the healthiest, freshest food possible. We have been working hard to re-brand and market our department with a new logo and tag line. Looking ahead to this school year, we have a new format for our breakfast and lunch menus, we will continue to serve more local food, keep an eye out for a local beef burger and we will continue to build off a lot of the great programming we already have in place, like our CSA with Drumlin farms. I have professional development planned for my culinary team to ensure they are prepared every day to excel in their roles and serve our students the best food possible. I look forward to another great school year and will continue to do my best to ensure our students are prepared to enter the classroom ready to learn.

Peg Huckins

Favorite fruit Grapes

August 31 First Day of School

Favorite vegetable Corn

Peg Huckins is the Summer Food Service Program Manager; she ensures that the main production kitchen is run efficiently and effectively so we can feed children all summer long. Thanks to Peg’s excellent organization and communication skills we served approximately 24, 000 lunches and 14,000 breakfast in July alone. During the school year Peg is the Manager of the Argenziano Kitchen. Peg is a valuable team member, supports department goals and objectives and is an asset to the Food Service department.

Somerville Food and Nutrition Services, 42 Cross St, Somerville MA 02145

October 6 Corn Shucking Day

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Healthy Summer Harvest This summer marks our third year of working with Project Bread on the Healthy Summer Harvest Program. During the month of July, Chef Nick Speros worked weekly with ~70 students to inspire them to try new foods and familiar foods prepared in different ways. He began each lesson by describing the recipe, asking them to taste individual ingredients and encouraging them to take a bite. Chef Nick brought his unique brand of food enthusiasm to the program and this year we had a record number of students who tried new foods! A weekly average of 70 students participated in the lessons held through the Summer Explore Program at the Capuano Early Childhood Center.

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The overarching theme of “Eat A Rainbow” was promoted through a diverse assortment of recipes, including Sunbutter with apple slices, Moroccan carrot salad, Ice cream with donut peaches (recipe below), and Hummus with crackers.


0% Sunbutter with Apple Slices

Moroccan Carrot Salad

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Ice Cream Hummus with with Donut Crackers Peaches

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Peaches with Fresh Ice Cream Ingredients 1 ripe peach 1 cup half and half or whole milk 2 TBSP sugar 1/2 TSP vanilla extract Crushed ice to fill half of a large Ziploc bag 1/2 cup salt (kosher salt is best, table salt will work) Preparation Combine the half & half or milk, sugar, vanilla in a small Ziploc bag and seal tightly. Be sure the bag is totally sealed or your ice cream will get salty. Put the ice and salt in the large Ziploc bag. Put the sealed small Ziploc bag into the large Ziploc bag with the ice and salt and seal the large Ziploc bag. Shake the bags until the mixture hardens, about 5 minutes. The more you shake, the harder the ice cream will get! Scoop the ice cream