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Come out and join us for some pitchers of beer and get to know your fellow .... Come to the Ref clinic we will be hosting near the start of the season- details to ...
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WELCOME BACK to your favorite activity of the week! We are all so excited to see all of the old and new faces out there on the fields!

Unfortunately this ridiculously rare weather has forced us to move the pick-up game to a drinking adventure at Third Base. Come out and join us for some pitchers of beer and get to know your fellow ballers!

For those of you who are new, this is our weekly newsletter. The next few pages will give you all of the information you need to know about the season, the GMOT, and some fun pages written by your WAKA Austin Board. Please enjoy and submit entries every week so that we continue to rock this newsletter!

We will be at Third Base tomorrow at 7pm. I’ll be in a red KICKBALL shirt so please come by and give me a hug or a highfive. CAN.NOT.WAIT!!! Don’t forget the Captains meeting at 7pm and t-shirt pick-up at 7:30pm NEXT WEDNESDAY at Third Base!

Lots of love and vodka waters,

If you don’t submit, you have a great chance of showing up in the wiener of the week column! All submissions are due Tuesday by midnight of each week. Next week we would love to have everyone submit a bio about their team. What you guys do for fun, how you came up with your team name, awesome things about you, etc.

February 17th - Famous Duos

March 10th - Spring Break '95

April 7th - Super Heroes and Villains

RSVP: http://anyvite.com/rlb9i2oyqc

Name: Lundy – Megan Lundquist Position: Customer Service Representative - TX Live Team: Gobias Industries AND Candy Van Favorite kickball moment: I couldn‟t possibly pick just one and let‟s be honest, I can barely remember most of them. Kickball Drink: Kegstands

Name: Mike Papi Position: Customer Service Representative - TX Capital Team: Relax and Let it Happen Favorite kickball moment: Kickball in Vegas Baby! Kickball Drink: Velvet Elvis Name: Erin “E.Woww” Heekin Position: TX LIVE Presidente! Team: WARRIORS Favorite Kickball Quote: “I had a dream last night. I was a snake... slivering through the grass. I then grew wings and talons and I climbed into the air. I was an eagle... flying over the sea and then I dove... into the ocean... and I swam with the dolphins. I was three animals, joined as one, with the Spirit of the Warrior... which meant... that we would... be victorious on the kickball field tonight. … Welcome back oh sweet Thursday.” – Armand “SparkyCock” Daigle Kickball Drink: that Purple Drank. Boooyah.

Name- Jay Russell Position- Capital President Team- Relax and Let It Happen Favorite kickball moment- It will be winning this seasons championship, after giving it away the previous season. Favorite kickball quote- "Shit on their dreams!" Kickball drink- The infamous Vadorade in the 100 oz mug

Name: Kia Conwell Position: Head Referee Team: Our Balls, Your Face Most Memorable kickball moment: Making a $10,000 call at the Founders Cup in Las Vegas Kickball Drink: Jello shots, because the alcoholics..er kickball players know how to make them right

Name: Manda Mosley Team: Gobias Industries Position: Co-chief/Co-captain of Charity Favorite kickball moment: Every single kickball moment ever invented; especially, this one time on pirate night when Heekin and I walked around asking people to by jello shots for charity by yelling in unison, ”Arrrrrggggncha gonna buy some jello shots?!” How could anyone say „no‟?! We sold out in minutes! Kickball Drink: Vodka Water in the Nalgene…ya know, to hydrunk

Name: Valerie "Cobra Laserface" Gleason Position: co-chief of charity/General Awesomeness Teams: CANDY VAN (Capital) and Gobias Industries (Live) Most memorable kickball moment: Any moment when I was sporting that beautiful unitard and cape combo. Don't worry, I'll be sporting the cape more often this season. Kickball drink: In my I-want-to-hate-my-life-on-Fridays fantasy world, I drink Four Loko. In reality, I drink Lone Star.