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WHAT DO Citizens want? How professional help and support fits into day to day lives Jenny Brotchie

What do citizens want

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This research was conducted with invaluable help, support and advice from a number of people and organisations. The most important of whom were our nine participants who gave up their time to tell us their stories and share their lives with us. Without our participants being so open and honest, this study would not have been possible and we hope that the insights they provided us with are useful to a wide range of readers. Special thanks go to: Our housing association partners, in particular Lesley Carnegie and Andrew Whelan at Blackwood; Dan Blake, Yvonne Reilly, Alastair McCue and Penny Hasling at Lorretto Housing and The Wheatley Group, and Judy Middlemiss and Sarah Smith at LinkLiving who gave up their time to recruit the project participants, provided valuable feedback throughout and hosted sessions for participants and staff at their offices. The University of Edinburgh who supported this project through their Knowledge Exchange Fellowship programme. Dr Oliver Escobar of the University of Edinburgh who sponsored this research and who provided ongoing enthusiasm, insight and constructive criticism. Simon Anderson for his insight and advice and for kindly shared the methodology used in the JRF Liveable Study, which provided the basis and inspiration for much of the methodology used in this study. Sir John Elvidge who helped shape the research questions and who provided useful feedback and criticism. Ilona Hasslewood, Jim McCormick and Emma Stone who gave up their time to provide thoughts and feedback. The What Works Scotland staff team for their feedback and input and The Lines Between for their invaluable research support throughout this complex and fascinating project.

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What do citizens want

Contents Foreword 2 1. Introduction


1.1 What is wellbeing?


1.2 Social connections and capabilities


1.3 What role for public services?


1.4 Moves toward a more Enabling State


1.5 About this research


Partners 9 2. What we learnt


2.1 The joyful and fulfilled life


2.2 The shared and neighbourhood life


2.3 The independent but supported life


3. Discussion and concluding comments 3.1 Concluding comments

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Appendix 1 Methodology


Appendix 2: What Do Citizens Want – Topic Guide



What do citizens want

Foreword We know that having a say over our lives is important. International research tells us this, and our own experience as individuals, citizens and users of services backs it up. It is therefore not surprising that feeling in control, having a voice and a choice, are known to have an impact on the success of our interactions with public services. Despite the policy priority given to personalisation, our public services find it hard to see people’s lives in the round and listen to what people need. Our Enabling State work showed the continued impact of targets, silobased working and professional culture on how we think about, fund and deliver public service. Our work on kindness explores the impact that this culture has on our experiences of services and our interrelationships at a community level. This study takes these concepts further and looks in-depth at the experiences of a small number of users of housing services and expl