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What do graduates do? September 2013


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the collective voice of graduate recruiters

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Guide to using What do graduates do? Data explained - Survey response Data explained - Type of work Employment review Graduates in further study


7 What do graduates from postgraduate degrees do? 8 Graduates in self-employment 9 Regional overview of graduate employment 10 Local study affirms Futuretrack findings


17 Biology 18 Chemistry 19 Physical & geographical sciences 20 Physics 21 Sports science

12 HND and Foundation degrees 13 HND and Foundation degree data 14 Developing students skills for employment 15 First degree graduates from all subjects data

IT 22 Mathematics, & Computing 23 Mathematics 24 Computer science and IT

and building Social science 25 Engineering 30 management 31 Economics 32 Geography 33 Law 34 Politics 35 Psychology 36 Sociology

26 Architecture and building 27 Civil engineering 28 Electrical and electronic engineering 29 Mechanical engineering


Arts, creative arts and humanities 38 Fine arts 39 Design 40 English 41 History 42 Media studies 43 Languages 44 Performing arts

Welcome to What do graduates do? 2013 This publication is the result of a close collaboration between the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU), the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS). It uses statistics drawn from the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE) which is conducted by every university in the UK each year to try and establish what every graduate is doing six months after graduation. The figures are compiled by HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency) and are then used by HECSU to produce the tables and charts in this publication. Commentary in the form of editorials is provided by higher education careers advisers who work on a day to day basis with students, graduates and employers, in collaboration with members of the HECSU team. Overall editing and publishing is undertaken by HECSU. What do graduates do? 2013 was written by the following members of HECSU and the Education Liaison Task Group (ELTG) of AGCAS HECSU www.hecsu.ac.uk Jennifer Redman Researcher, Project Manager of the publication and responsible for the production of the statistics sourced from the DLHE survey AGCAS www.agcas.org.uk Janice Montgomery Senior Careers Adviser, University of Aberdeen and Chair of ELTG Nicola Critchlow Careers and Employability Adviser, Manchester Metropolitan University Vanessa Fernandes Survey Project Officer, University of Glasgow Evan Hancock Head of SOAS Careers Service, The Careers Group, University of London


Business and Administrative studies 46 Finance and accountancy 47 Business and management 48 Hospitality, leisure, tourism and transport 49 Marketing

Jane Howie Career Development Manager, University of Leicester/ Career Consultant, University of Leeds Mary Macfarlane Medical Careers Consultant, British Medical Association (BMA) Special thanks to Matt Clarke & Matthew Tetlow, HESA Simon Gurnhill & Chris Hicks, Graduate Prospects ISSN 1759 0973 ISBN 978 1 84016 189 2 (C) HECSU/AGCAS 2013. Material from this publication may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes provided What do graduates do? is acknowledged. If material is required for commercial use, please contact HECSU in the first instance. Source of raw data: HESA Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education 2011/12. HESA cannot accept responsibility for any inferences or conclusions derived from the data by