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beyond any doubt. Of all religious books, the Quran alone has remained unaltered, unedited and unchanged. Whether or not non -Muslim scholars accept the ..... the forefather of mankind. This place of worship was demolished during the great fl ood of Noah, peace be up on him, and rebu ilt by the Prophet Abraham and.
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Bismillah-hir-Raluna11-/7 i r-Rahcem

In th e name of Allah (God), the Co m passiona te, th e Mer ciful

Please accept our greetings of PEACE. There are hundred s of immigrants enterin g this beautiful cou ntry of ours every d ay from all around the globe who belong to different religions which include Mu slims. The impression Am er ican s have abou t Islam and Mu slim s is mo stly throu gh the media, wh ich has treated Mu slims rather unfairly. They have been lab eled as terror ists, fundamentalists an d so forth. As a matter of fact, this ima ge is far fro m the truth. At the Institu te of Islam ic Knowled ge we cons ider it our responsibil ity to inform the residen ts of North Am er ica abou t Muslim s and their religion ISLAM just as we ar e obliga ted to tell Mu slims ar ound the world ab ou t Am erica at lar ge and Uni ted States in particul ar. We would like to en lighten the read er abou t som e of the ba sics of Islam with the intention of building a bridge be tween the Mu slim and non-Muslim com m unities. Thi s will crea te mu ch be tter understandin g and a sense of harm on y between our com mu nity members, en abling all of us to live and w ork together w ith int egri ty and honesty in a peaceful atmosphere. Islam is an Arabic word, which no t onl y means subm ission (to God) but also means PEACE. It is our aim to clari fy our posit ion and dispel an y false impression th at exists ab ou t Islam and Muslim s. We hope th at by informin g the reader ab ou t Islam, our daily intera ction with each other will becom e more productive for ou r com munities of God-Loving and God -Fearin g people.

May God A lmighty bless you for taking the time to read this booklet. Your Well Wisher Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Malik Chairman, Board of Trustees



Wh at is Islam?

Is Islam a ne w Religion?

Wha t is th e d istinctive Featu re of Islam ?

How does Islam re late to Mankind?

What is Worship in Isla m?

What are the Five Pillars of Isla m ?

Wh a t is th e Ka 'bah?

MUSLIMS Who are th e Muslims?

What are th e Pillars of Faith?

Why Mus lims use th e wo rd 'Allah'

ins tea d of ' God'?

How d oes so meone becom e a Muslim?

PROPHETHOOD What is Prophethood in Islam?

Who is Muhammad?

What is Sunnah?

Wha t d oes Islam say abou t Torah and


How Islam views Judaism and


Wha t does Islam say abo ut Original


Wha t does Islam say abo u t Je sus?

QUR 'AN What is th e Qur'an ?

Does Isla m recognize Science

and Technology?

COMMUNITY Wha t are Human Rights in Islam ?

Wha t is Jihad in Islam ?

Wh at is Hijaab (Islamic Dress Co de)?

How does Islam view Fam ily Life ?

Wha t is the Status of Women in Islam ?

Wh at is Marriage in Islam?

Why is More than One Wife pe rmi tted

in Islam ?

Wh at d oes Islam say abo u t Parents

and the Elderly?

Wha t does Islam say abo ut Food ?

Wha t d oes Islam say abo u t Intoxicants

and Gambling?

Wha t Islam say abo u t Business


CONCEPTS What is th e What is th e Wha t is the in Islam ?

What is the

concep t of God in Islam?

concept of Life in Islam ?

conce p t of Life after Death

concept of Sin in Islam ?

which was given to Moses and to Jesus and to other Prophets from their God; we make no distinction between any of them, and to Him we are ivIuslims." A I-Qur'an 3:84 In the name of Allah (God), the

Compassionate, the Mercifu l

What is Islam? Islam is an Arabic word