Wifi hard disk drive - STOREX

Oct 30, 2013 - USB 3.0. 802.11b/g/n. 150Mbps. WAN 10/100Mbps. 500Go - 1To ... Share all your files (via iOS & Android APPs). "Stream" Your Videos & Music / Watch your photos;. Copy / Save a device to another (Download / Upload).
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weZee Disk

802.11b/g/n 150Mbps

Router WIFI

WAN 10/100Mbps

500Go - 1To

USB 3.0



Battery 6Hrs


Wifi hard disk drive

Wifi Hard Drive

iPad iPhone Tablets Smartphones


Share all your files (via iOS & Android APPs) "Stream" Your Videos & Music / Watch your photos; Copy / Save a device to another (Download / Upload).

Storage device with simple and intuitive interface, for: SmartPhones & Tablets iOS & Android APPs Pc & Mac Computers (Protocols CIFS, NFS, Samba, WebDAV ...).

Capacity 500GB / 750GB / 1TB: Increase the storage capacity of your Smartphone or Tablet ...

File system: NTFS / FAT 32.

Wi-Fi b / g / n 150Mbps: Share your data up to 8 users Max

Function + WiFi Router AP Bridge Internet: Share your Internet connection both at home that when you travel (hotel ...)

Ethernet 10/100 Mbps: Use Disk weZee in: "Small Enterprise Mobile NAS" for your work Or "Mobile Home NAS" to share your files Multimedia

Port USB3.0: Transfer to very High Flow (90 MB / Sec) via your Mac & Pc Disk weZee

Battery for use Nomad (Lithium-ion 3000mAh) Battery up to 6 Hours (Streaming Mode) "Power Bank" (USB) to charge your smartphones or tablet ...

Dimensions: 130 * 82 * 25mm, Weight: 275 grams Accessories: zPower adapter zUSB 3.0 cable zManuel Packaging Dimensions: 200 * 108 * 55mm, Weight Packaging: 375 grams EAN 500 GB 1000 GB

WZ20502 WZ20519

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