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Garden of Penrhyn Castle. Apple Trees – the apple trees growing in the walled garden at. Llanerchaeron are over 150 years old and still produce apples every.
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Journey across our World of Gardens National Trust Wales

World of Gardens

Collected by intrepid plant hunters from as far back as 300 years ago, our precious plant life stands as testament to the vision and dedication shared by generations of owners and gardeners.

3 Europe Apple Trees – the apple trees growing in the walled garden at Llanerchaeron are over 150 years old and still produce apples every year. Erddig is also famous for its apples.

Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’ – the species is named after the castle and still grows there below the niches on the top terrace. It’s now sold all over the world and lets visitors take home a little piece of Wales.

Magnolia – these white or pink flowers originate from China. You’ll see them growing against the terrace walls at Bodnant Garden from March through to June.

Eucryphia ‘Nymansay’ – found at Colby Woodland Garden, this is a cross-species of Chilean plants created in 1915 at the garden of Lt. Col. Messel in Sussex.

 edar of Lebanon – the national C emblem of Lebanon was brought into Britain about 1664 and has found its home in Dinefwr and Erddig.

Katsura Tree – this tree, native to China and Japan, produces heart-shaped leaves that change colour all year round and smell like caramelised toffee; you can see the bright colours at Plas Newydd.

1 North America Redwoods – these leafy giants stand tall in the Dell at Bodnant Garden, you can’t miss them!

Golden Barrel Cactus – this round ball-shaped cactus is native to central Mexico but can be found in Dyffryn Gardens.

5 Asia

Deodar Cedar – originates from the Himalayas and is the national tree of Pakistan. You can see one at Erddig. The name deodar comes from the Sanskrit word ‘devdar’, which means ‘timber of the gods’.




Pitcher Plant – this carnivorous plant lures and traps passing insects; we have one of these at Dyffryn Gardens.

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2 South America This is your guide to exploring the world of botanical treasures at our glorious gardens in Wales. Discover the remarkable plants and rare species that our teams of gardeners and volunteers look after for everyone to enjoy; from Africa’s Blue Atlas Cedar, the tallest tree of its kind in the UK at Bodnant Garden, to the Pitcher Plant from Asia, a carnivorous plant found at Dyffryn Gardens.

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Chilean Firebush – the firebush flowers are bright red and are easy to spot at Chirk Castle or Bodnant Garden in June. Trailing Abutilon – this flower, native to Brazil, can be evergreen but produces brightly coloured flowers in summer. You can spot them at Tredegar House. Monkey Puzzle – an evergreen tree native to central and southern Chile and western Argentina but we have them at Erddig. Gunnera – these evergreen plants are huge but have tiny red-brown flowers. Indigenous to Brazil, these also have a home in the Bog Garden of Penrhyn Castle.

Handkerchief Tree – listed as rare in its native China. See them at Bodnant Garden, Colby Woodland Garden and in Penrhyn Castle’s walled garden.

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4 Africa

6 Australia

Blue Atlas Cedar – you can spot this champion tree in the Dell at Bodnant Garden, it is the tallest of its species in the UK and stands at 40m!

Pencil Pine – this rare conifer from Tasmania is at risk of extinction because of logging, fires and disease. However, you can find a couple standing in Bodnant Garden.

Clivias – these plants grow in the orangery at Powis Castle after being brought over as part of a plant shipment in 1828.

Australian Tree Fern – this tree fern can grow up to four metres in height; the ferns are evergreen at Plas yn Rhiw due to the mild climate.

Bodnant Garden, Tal-y-Cafn, Conwy LL28 5RE Chirk Castle, Chirk LL14 5AF Colby Woodland Garden, Amroth SA67 8PP Dinefwr, Llandeilo SA19 6RT Dyffryn Gardens, St Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan CF5 6SU Erddig, Wrexham LL13 0YT Llanerchaeron, Ciliau Aeron, near Aberaeron SA48 8DG Penrhyn Castle, Bangor LL57 4HT Plas Newydd, Llanfairpwll, Anglesey LL61 6DQ Plas yn Rhiw, Rhiw, Gwynedd LL53 8AB Powis Castle and Garden, Welshpool SY21 8RF

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