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WRITING WORKBOOK Year 2 Ages 7– 8 years old This book is part of the Excel Advanced Skills series, which provides students with more challenging extension work in writing. Excel Advanced Skills Writing Workbook Year 2 will teach children the skills they need to become effective writers for different purposes and audiences. They will learn how to write a variety of informative, imaginative and persuasive texts using grammar and punctuation skills in the context of effective written communication. The sample texts provided can be used as models for children’s independent writing. All activities are designed to support students’ appreciation of written language, and to give them meaningful practice in improving their own writing. The learning sequence presented in this book begins with teaching children how to recognise and use different kinds of sentences. This sequence establishes the role of sentences in making meaning. Subsequent chapters teach children about parts of a sentence: words and word groups; then how to link ideas across sentences and paragraphs; and finally how to construct whole texts for different purposes. This book has been specifically written for YEAR 2 AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM ENGLISH.

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informative, imaginative and persuasive texts Opportunities for children to create their own texts Extensive scaffolding and text models Puzzle pages to further develop children’s grammar awareness Answers to all questions


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Year 2 Ages 7– 8

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In this book you will find:  Seven chapters that teach writing conventions in an appropriate sequence  Teaching–learning practice pages  NAPLAN*-style Language Conventions tests to help determine whether children have adequately grasped the skills taught in each chapter



Advanced Skills


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