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Acknowledgements The WSIS team would like to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of governments, international organizations, private sector, civil society and other stakeholders in providing information on ongoing projects and initiatives to the WSIS Stocktaking Platform. WSIS Stocktaking Report is based on the contributions provided by stakeholders in response to the ITU official call for update and new entries. The full descriptions of the activities are available at accessible online database www.​wsis.​org/​stocktaking. The report benefited from the contributions and insights of: Valerio Alfonso Bruno (ITU), Katarzyna Patrzalek (ITU), Jaroslaw Ponder (ITU), Vladimir Stankovic (ITU), William Cobb (ITU), Richard Bruce Granger (ITU), Anthony Pitt (ITU), Aram Melikyan (ITU), Simon De Nicola (ITU) and Jie Huang (ITU). Disclaimer Information contained in this publication is provided by multiple stakeholders that contributed to the WSIS Stocktaking Process and do not engage ITU. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, by any means whatsoever, without the prior written permission of ITU. Denominations and classifications employed in this publication do not imply any opinion on the part of the International Telecommunication Union concerning the legal or other status of any territory or any endorsement or acceptance of any boundary. Where the designation “country” appears in this publication, it covers countries and territories. The views expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of ITU or of its membership. ΠPlease consider the environment before printing this report. © ITU, 2015 International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Geneva

Please consider the environment before printing this report.

© ITU 2015 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, by any means whatsoever, without the prior written permission of ITU.


For the fourth year in a row, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) recognizes 18 winners from around the world for their part in building an inclusive Information Society. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to recognize the WSIS Prize 2015 winners’ dedication and commitment in the implementation of the WSIS Outcomes, honouring and awarding outstanding projects from the international WSIS community. Facilitated by ITU in coordination with all WSIS stakeholders, the WSIS Prizes 2015 competition provided a platform to identify and showcase success stories across the 11 WSIS Action Lines as defined in the Geneva Plan of Action. WSIS Prizes is an international contest developed in response to requests from WSIS stakeholders to create an effective mechanism to evaluate and recognize individuals, governments, civil society, local, regional and international agencies, research institutions and private sector companies for outstanding success in implementing development-oriented strategies that leverage the power of information and communication technologies (ICTs). The WSIS Prizes contest is an integral part of the WSIS Stocktaking Process. The WSIS Stocktaking Process established its mandate demonstrating links between the use of ICTs and development processes, carrying out a series of activities in the context of the WSIS Action Lines advancing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The WSIS Stocktaking Process continues to give us real stories of on-the-ground implementation and case studies of how ICTs impact the lives of people worldwide. This year’s WSIS Prize winners include government ministries, international organizations, private sector companies, NGOs and academia. More than 300 projects were nominated for the 2015 contest, over double the number in 2014, reflecting the prestigious nature of the award and the growing imp