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opment to present the best new solutions for this ever-advancing ... Odontogenic lesion visualization ... Intuiteve software for generation of all necessary views,.
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X-ray Digital CBCT Diagnosis Equipment

Belmont Bel-Cat Selectable FOV


Image is Everything Takara Belmont USA, Inc., the Worldwide Leader in Dental Equipment Manufacturing, as well as Salon and Spa Manufacturing, was founded in Japan in 1921. We at Belmont take tremendous pride in our rich and long history as an innovator and leader in the Dental market, which makes us strong, reliable, and here to stay. “Treating the customer with care” has been our philosophy since the company was established. Belmont continues to implement this philosophy by manufacturing products that are of the highest quality and finest craftsmanship at a reasonable cost to our customers, and by offering world-class product support. This has shown to be true with repeat loyal customers over several generations. We have been providing Dental Equipment to our loyal customers for forty-five years. As time has evolved and customer needs have changed, we have invested time and money on research and development to present the best new solutions for this ever-advancing marketplace. We are pleased to introduce the Bel-Cat, the latest addition to our Imaging Product Line. The Bel-Cat is a CBCT system that provides durability with flexibility, so you receive exceptional image quality today and for years to come. We are confident that this system is the best possible imaging system to care for your patients. D-mode

We truly believe Image is everything.

Clear image by 360o Rotation CBCT images taken by 360o rotation minimize the artifacts by metallic objects. The more the rotation angle is, the less distortion will appear, allowing you to obtain sharp and precise CBCT image.

This is an optimum function for implant or endodontic cases that require precise measurement. Bel-Cat provides two CBCT modes. Implant mode (I-mode) has a field of view of 79 mm (D) x 71 mm (H), covering the entire dentition. Dental mode (D-mode) has a field of view of 51 mm (D) x 51 mm (H). Voxel size is 0.1 mm, cabable of highly precise image.



Selectable Field of View Image only the necessary region of interest to provide better image quality and lower dose to your patients

CBCT Applications Panoramic image acquisition

Dental Volume Reformat

180o Rotation Orthodontic evaluation

Implant site assessment

Paranasal sinus evaluation

3rd molar impactions

Odontogenic lesion visualization

Impacted teeth

Trauma evaluation


TMJ visualization

Oral surgery

Surgical guides

Mandibular canal localization

Impacted Teeth Image below

360o Rotation

with FPD

Bel-Cat provides a panoramic image in 2D or 3D

Lateral TMJ



OnDemand3D Features • • • • • • • • • • •

OnDemand3D Streaming Implant Planning 3D Zoom Segmentation Virtual Camera Stitching (Option) Superimposition Create a movie clip X-Ray Simulation Report nVidia 3D Vision

OnDemand software provides 2D and 3D software in one package.

3D Image


Intuiteve software for generation of all necessary views, marking of mandibular nerve canal Datasets are saved as DICOM files transfer of 3D volume files in DICOM3 format for any further desired process ing (Implant planning) 3D Rendering software included Implant library is included

In2Guide Exposure Screen

Easy and precise positioning

Standard Features • • • • •

Clear image with fixed flat panel o 360 rotation minimizes artifact Easy to position patients accurately Scout image Small footprint

Forehead rest is designed to fit patient’s head firmly to provide accurate and clear images Positioning of the patient is easy and accurate, as the