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Find maps, business listings and regional cycling · information at ... and signal your turn. Brakes ..... Libraries can also be contacted by phone at 289-674-0400.
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Cayuga Bob Baigent Memorial Park


Dunnville Central Park


Dunnville Kinsmen Park


Dunnville Lions Park


Dunnville Wingfield Park


Fisherville Lions Community Park


Wading Pool

Pool, Skate Park, Playground, Pavilion, Tennis and Ball Courts Bicycle Repair Station

Multi-Purpose Outdoor Facility (basketball, hockey etc.)

Pool, Tennis Courts, Playground, Pavilion, Skate Park


Ball Diamonds, Tennis/Ball Courts, Playground, Paved Walking Trail

10 Selkirk Community Park

Ball Diamond, Pavilion, Playground

11 Townsend Lions Park 12 Ruigrok Tract Conservation Area 13 Hedley Forest Trail t

Ball Diamonds, Tennis/Ball Courts, Pavilion Hiking Trails (large railroad gravel)


Short hiking trail through woodland on compacted soil trail


Hiking trails through mature forest, gravel trail

$ t Wheeler’s Walk trail with boardwalk across marsh wetland Haldimand Conservation Area $ t Several interconnected trails Byng Island Conservation Area $ t Hike or cycle on the conservation area paths and roadways Rock Point Provincial Park $ t 2 km hiking trail. Bike on the park’s gravel and dirt roads Lafortune Park t Unmaintained park with pathways Seneca Park t Trailhead for Rotary Riverside Trail Grant Kett Park t Ball Diamonds, Playground, Pavilion Waterfront Way t Short trail with walking bridge, Scenic Lookout located 200 metres south at lake

16 Selkirk Provincial Park

“Dunnville’s Muddy”

17 18 19 20 21 22 23

24 York Park 25 Ruthven Park NHS


29 McKinnon Park

1.1 km trail

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Scenic Lookout, Lighthouse and Pier Scenic Lookout at the lake and Memorial Cairn

Day use parking available at all locations Washroom (may be seasonal) $ Entry fees apply Conservation Area

Bicycle Repair Station Five walking trails on the grounds Carolinian Forest and Butterfly Meadow

26 Blue Heron Way t 27 Port Maitland Esplanade 28 Port Maitland East Park

Provincial Park

Ball Diamond, Skate Park, Playground, Ball Courts

t Trail

Public Park

Bicycle Repair Station

Key Cycling Highlights of the Ontario Traffic Act JUST LIKE A CAR, YOU NEED TO OBEY THE RULES OF THE ROAD Helmets Every cyclist should wear a helmet to protect themselves from injury. It is a requirement that all youth under the age of eighteen (18) must wear an approved bicycle helmet. Lights

A bike must have a white front light and a red rear light or reflector if you ride between half hour before sunset and half hour after sunrise; white reflective tape on the front forks and red reflective tape on rear forks is also required.

Slow moving traffic travel on right side Any vehicle moving slower than the normal traffic speed should drive in the right-hand lane, or as close as practicable to the right edge of the road except when preparing to turn left or when passing another vehicle. Never compromise your safety for the convenience of a motorist behind you. Dismounted bicyclist Cyclists are required to ride on the right-hand side of the road. If you are walk