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Phone-fiends - your friends and family could give you money to go without tweeting or texting for a day. • If you love spending time in the pub, your friends might ...
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Trans Youth Camping Trips 2017

Your guide to fundraising

Why raise money for GI's trans youth camping trips? Since 2010, we've taken young trans and non-binary people aged 11-24 camping in the Essex countryside for a long weekend in August. Due to the demand for places, we now run two camping trips every August, for 70 young people each year. At camp, young people can escape their everyday realities of misunderstanding, bullying and isolation. For many, it is the only chance they have to take part in the fun activities that should be part of every young person's summer. There's even a chance to go swimming - a rare experience for too many young trans people. To make the camping trips happen, we need your help. We need to raise £9,000 by the time the first camp is scheduled to take place, on 18th of August 2017. This guide gives you some tips on how to run a fundraising activity or event to support this year's camping trips and create a magical experience for young trans people.

"I don't think I would have made it through the last two years alive if I didn't have the friends, strength and experience that camp has given me." - Alex, 16

Ideas for Fundraising A little stumped for ways to raise a few pounds for the camping trips? Here are some suggestions and tips from those who have already held successful events.

Get Sponsored You don’t need to organise a major event to raise money from people you know. Any challenge, big or small, can be a reason for friends and family to sponsor you. What can you get sponsored for? Here are few ideas. Do something you love on a bigger scale Do you jog every day? Why not try a half-marathon and get sponsored to do it Cycling enthusiast? Try a route like London to Brighton and raise funds while you ride Hiking fan? Challenge yourself to a landmark British trail like coast to coast for GI

More ideas for getting sponsored Give up something you enjoy • Phone-fiends - your friends and family could give you money to go without tweeting or texting for a day • If you love spending time in the pub, your friends might support you going dry for a month Do something dramatic (or silly!) • Shaving your head sends a strong message - you’re willing to give up your locks for a cause your care about • There’s always the classic - ‘sitting in a bath of baked beans’ The easiest way to collect donations is to ask for pledges in advance and collect the cash when you’ve completed the task.

Organise an event Bake Sale Who doesn’t love cake? If you’re a first-rate home baker, or even just someone who makes a mean rice crispy cake, a bake sale can be a great way to bring people together and make a few pounds while they enjoy delicious sweet treats. Party It would be cheesy to suggest putting the ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising’ right? One of the best ways to get people to part with their hard earned cash is to put on an event that they want to go to. A fancy dinner party (with volunteer waiting staff and donated ingredients), quiz night, cocktail party, computer games tournament, club night - it’s all good. Think about where your friends spend money and try to get them to do it for GI. You can try something small (sorry, ‘intimate’) like a film screening in your front room or go big and hire out a screening room (or borrow a fancy projector) and charge proper cinema prices!

Arts, Crafts and Other Skills Get creative The arts have always been important at GI as a way to explore gender diversity. Could you channel this ethos through your fundraising? If you’re crafty, perhaps you could sell unique items through an online shop like Etsy? Even profits from something small like zines or badges can add up! If you’re musical or theatrical, or both, perhaps you could put on a gig or a play - whether it’s in your front room, or at a massive venue, entertaining people is a great way to raise money. Share your skills Sharing a skill (e.g. photography, yoga, knitting, ukulele, using social media etc.) is also a fantastic way to fundr