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Reps to represent their year group on School Forums and Student-Staff ... You can join student groups throughout the year online or at KCLSU ..... KCL Tech Society ... Extended Medical Degree Programme Society ... Radiology Society.
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KCLSU Guide 2014/15

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About your Students’ Union

Representing you Student activity groups and societies

Student Media Student volunteering, fundraising and Widening Participation

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Appendix 1: List of student activity groups and societies


Appendix 2: List of student sports clubs

KCLSU Guide 2014/15

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KCLSU Guide 2014/15

About your Students’ Union Hi! We’re King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU). Together with our members we are a union of students where individuals connect, have fun, build communities, share experiences, and make change. We’re here to make sure that every King’s student has the best student experience possible. We’re run by students, for students. Our decisions, policies and what we do are decided by our 25,000 student members (that’s you!). You elect the Student Officers, Student Councillors and Student Reps you want representing you. As a democratic charity and membership organisation students lead us at every level. As well as empowering our students to share and use their voice, there’s loads of other ways you can get involved with your Students’ Union including: Impartial and confidential support from our Advice Service Joining one or more of the 300+ student-led activity groups, societies, or sports clubs Visiting a KCLSU Student Centre, available on every campus Discovering the Capital with our Unlocking London events Socialising in our two Students’ Union bars Making a difference through volunteering and fundraising Shaping your experience through Student Reps, Student Council and Student Officers Working for us as part of our Student Staff Team Read on for more on what we can do for you.

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KCLSU Guide 2014/15

Representing you

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KCLSU Guide 2014/15


Your Student Officers Sebastiaan, Liam, Areeb, Sophia and Jamie were elected by students in March 2014 to lead KCLSU, represent your views to the College, and make sure that you have an amazing experience while you study at King’s. Here’s what each of them do and how you can get in touch:

Last year, 45 students were democratically voted into Student Council

Over 65 KCLSU policies were passed through Student Council and the AGM in 2013/14

Sebastiaan Debrouwere

President [email protected] @kclsu_seb

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Sebastiaan provides leadership for KCLSU and is the main ambassador and external spokesperson for the Students’ Union. He leads the team of Student Officers, Student Councillors and Reps and works with KCLSU management to make sure we’re delivering and working towards our vision and values. Sebastiaan sits on the university’s highest governing body, the College Council, to represent students.

Liam Jackson Vice President for Activities and Development [email protected] @kclsu_liam Liam is the lead Officer on all issues relating to student activities and works with the College on the areas of employability, skills and development. He also champions participation in activities, volunteering and sport at KCLSU, working closely with KCLSU’s student activities and volunteering staff to make sure sport and activity groups are accessible to students.

KCLSU Guide 2014/15

Areeb Ullah Vice President for Education (Arts & Sciences) [email protected] @kclsu_areeb Areeb takes a lead on working to improve the educational quality and experience in Arts and Sciences Schools base